KokoBites : September Box


This is the last box. KokoBox specializes in K-Beauty and K-Snacks. There’re 3 snack subscription box options, the Fire Noodle box (similar to SnackFever’s RamyunFever), KokoBites ($19.99), and KokoBites Jumbo ($29.99). KokoBox is the least advertised snack subscription box out there. Even their Instagram account has not been updated since May 25. I didn’t even remember how I stumbled upon this one 😐 what I like about KokoBox is that they sent the box inside a plastic wrapper, so the box was not damaged (unlike my SnackFever box; it was already opened when I receive it 🙄)


The top one is Dalgona (달고나). At first, I thought it was a face mask 😅 but it turns out to be toffees! The shape is square-ish and tasted like caramel. 




From top to bottom, left to right : Mongswel (chocolate pie, similar to ChocoPie), Little Bear jellies, Nokchawon’s black tea latte, Lonx (chocolate cake), Fresh Berry (this one is also inside my SnackFever box), Custard Melon cake, Dalgona, Haitai Ozashi (sweet potato snack). So far, I like everything they sent!



TokyoTreat : September Box


My second snack subscription box straight from Minato-ku Mita, Tokyo, Japan! 

Too be honest, I subscribe to this one because of the Doraemon drink 🍹 I have yet to taste the jelly drink, but I really really like the Chip Star Shinshu Wasabi 😍 The box starts from $14.99 for the small version, $24.99 for the regular version, and $34.99 for the premium version. Although I like my SnackFever August box, if I’m to order again, I’ll probably choose TokyoTreat! 


Clockwise : Calbee Satsumaimon (sweet potato with cream cheese), Doraemon Genki Jelly Drink, Hi-Chew candies, Koume Hello Kitty Ramune candies.


The random dagashi snacks and umaibo (corn snack). The blue one is champagne soda pop mochi candies. It tasted funny to me :p the chewy mochi texture made it tasted like gummy bears with soda flavoring.


From top to bottom, left to right : Calbee Satsumaimon (sweet potato with cream cheese), Crunky x One Punch Man (cookie and cream chocolate bar), Doraemon Genki Jelly drink, Kinako Mochi Crackers, Hi-Chew candies, Pikachu Ramune, Disney Tsum Tsum Flashlight pen, Koume Hello Kitty Ramune candies, Jagabee Yuzu Salt (potato snack), Odangoyasan DIY kit, Hello Kitty strawberry pretzels, Top x Chihayafuru fruit tart, and Chip Star Shinshu Wasabi (this one is my favorite!)


SnackFever : August Box

It’s here! My first snack subscription box. Next month, SnackFever will start shipping out boxes straight from Korea. I’m so excited for more Korean food and goodies. Although I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I received my box 2 days after it was sent from Los Angeles. But now that the box will be sent from Korea, it might take forever to arrive.

I like this Defcorn (데프콘)! In fact, I’m munching on them as I write this post :p this is the biggest snack packaging in the box. Since I subscribe for the Original Box, I didn’t get their special Deluxe snack, which includes Churroz (츄럿), Miso Soup (신송 홍게 된장국), Stone Age (석기시대), Wafers (웨하스 치즈), Crunch Ball Crispy Candy (알사탕), and the special Kakao Friends pouch.

Fresh Pie (후레시파이). Chiffon cake with strawberry fillings.


Clockwise : Koala March (코알라 마치 딸기), Candies, Fresh Pie (후레시파이), Kassak (까삭), Rice Cake Cookies.

The Koala March is similar to Hello Panda and the Rice Cake Cookies is similar to Choco Pie (sans the chocolate, it’s more of a chiffon cake with rice cake fillings). Overall, I like the Rice Cake Cookies better than the Fresh Pie.IMG_1437

The box starts from as low as $14 for the mini, $25 for the original, and $42 for the deluxe version. It gets cheaper if you subscribe for the 3, 6, or 12 months plan. For me, I probably won’t subscribe for deluxe version unless the goodies included is something I really really want ㅋㅋ


Back-to-School (Gudetama) Shopping

When people are buying stationaries and books for Fall semester, I’m splurging on bowls and snacks subscription boxes. My Fall-semester goals are to eat healthier and to cook more often. So, in order to motivate me to eat at home (and cook), I bought this kawaii Gudetama bowl sets. The price is reasonable for a made-in-Japan ceramic bowl. I have used these bowls almost everyday. The downside is I have to hand-wash them (you know how Gudetama feels about washing dishes.. meh..)

P.S. I got the Gudetama wet tissue case back in Singapore (Takashimaya or Gudetama Café have them), it’s just too adorable to pass up. For the hand cream, I got it shipped from TesterKorea for 7,900 6,320 won ($5.60) per set (1 set contains 3 different flavor: custard, cream cheese, and sherbet).

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And .. I got this Gudetama PJs from the bestest friends ever ❤︎ they spoiled me with the best Gudetama goods, just last year, I got the Gudetama twillies (with my name printed on it!) ❤︎ I wear them all over the place and have yet to take them off!


Me, thinking of whether I should buy the Gudetama claypot or ..


Comforter : Bed Bath Beyond (similar here or here)

.. probably not.

P.P.S Instead of my usual xoxo, this time I’ll close it off with Gudetama’s signature word ❤︎


Le Jardin du Japonais

There’re 4 weeks, 30 days, 720 hours, 43,200 minutes, and 2,592,000 seconds in a month. But when I looked back to my (more than) a month-long stay in Montreal, it doesn’t seem long at all. I miss going to Starbucks every Tuesday morning for my online class and to Place Montreal Trust for a cup of fro-yo; I miss Kantapia’s tteokbokki and Atti’s miyeokguk. Most of all, I miss Montreal’s weather (it’s just too hot here in Omaha 🙄). 

The higlight of our stay was the weekend we went to the Biodome and Botanic Garden. It was 18° when we set out at 10ish in the morning; the wind was softly blowing and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. It was the perfect day to be outdoor. 

Fighting Raccoons

The Three Majestic Penguins

The Biodome was kind of meh, but the Botanic Garden was really really good. My favourite has to be the Japanese Garden. Guests can participate in the tea ceremony for $6 (I totally missed it because we were there too early *boohoo*). Behind the pavilion, there was a small forest, Koi ponds, and waterfall. Totally Japanese-like! 

Japanese Garden

“Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.” —Your Name


Fashion Inspiration : K-Drama #02

Nowadays, with social media like Instagram and Twitter, it’s not hard to find who wear what and where to buy them. And with online shopping, in just a few clicks, people can have the product delivered to their doorsteps faster than they can say daebak. Millennials grew up watching Korean and Chinese dramas. I’m used to sleeping in late and spent my time binge watching on the weekend every day. With my growing obsession of K-dramas, my love for fashion grows too. To the point of insanity. I checked my favorite online stores religiously. I’d screenshot (and now save) my Instagram feed for tons of #ootds and #kdramafashion. My iPhone’s Photos is full of screenshots from dramas, online stores, and Pinterest. I have also grown to like Korean brands these past few months. To make matter worse, it’s easier now than ever to buy Korean brand online. I can get them shipped to me (USA) in less than 10 days for less than $12 (often, they offer free shipping too!). From the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon alone, I wishlisted 2 dresses already.. Not to mention the shopping spree I did in the beginning of the year because of the super unique hand sweaters and will-always-be-my-favorite Garfield sweatshirts (similar : here) from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. 

These sweaters-underneath-dresses style is perfect for Spring. Get Bong Soon’s sweater and dress here and here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.46.57 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.48.38 PM

And here’s an old one from Doctors (2016). I like how PSH styled the blue shirts underneath the off-shoulder top. And her bag is jjang ❤︎ At first, I’m not a big fan of Louboutin’s Paloma bag, but after I watched this episode months ago, I’ve grown fond of the bag. I really like the one in fuchsia and this nano version.

Right now, I’m obsessed with Comme des Garçons because of a recent drama I watch, Surgeons (an addicting Chinese medical drama that just aired last April). The main lead wore this sneakers on a heartbreaking episode. And of course the popular Comme des Garçons’ striped shirt on a happier one. Unfortunately it’s not available yet as of now 😦

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.25.18 PM

P.S. this is also me right now, trying to survive finals week (for the first time I decided to pull an all-nighter in the library. It consisted of me and Salma ordering pizza at 9 pm and hunting for free coffee at midnight) 

P.P.S .. and for you guys makeup lovers, I found out about these adorable Trolls x Face Shop collection by accident yesterday and have been thinking about them since! Get them here or here. Personally I like the #5 Magical Rose for Dual Lips and the #1 Cupcake Pink for Dual Eyes.


Chanel Spring-Summer 2017

The future is here. In the shape of Chanel’s most popular Boy bag. Yes, the blinking Chanel Boy we saw in the show last year emitted real light. It’s sold for $6,900 for the small one and a whooping $9,000 for the medium size. If you want cheaper alternative, you might want to think of getting the pouch instead (updated April 2017, the clutch actually is sold for a whooping $11,400).



If blinking light is not your style, Chanel also have the will-probably-sold-out-by-the-end-of-february transparent flap bag. Delvaux has their transparent Brillant. Why not a transparent Chanel flap bag? Sold for $2,600 and $2,900, it’ll fly off the shelves pretty quick.


Spring Must-Haves : Sweaters

She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

I like the snow (and the snow-day that came with it), but I can’t wait for winter to be over. What’s more exciting than the drop in temperature is that you get to wear only sweater and forgo the puffer come Spring. Since people will actually see your sweater, what’s better than investing in a couple of good ol’ new sweaters. The trend this year seems to be everything bow and oversized/bell sleeve sweaters.





Grand Finale 

Stereo Vinyls [JJ x SV] 


Review : YSL, Chanel, Labiotte, Laneige, and Kailijumei

#1 Chanel Rogue Allure Ink #142 Vivant

My current favorite! Although you have to wait at least 5-10 minutes after applying before eating or drinking, the color turned really nice once dried out. Available in 8 colors, my next purchase will be the #140 Créatif.

#2 YSL Rogue Pur Couture #52

The lipstick that caused quite a stir a couple of years ago (and it still is!) (read here). The texture is too creamy in my opinion, but it’s a really pretty pink color. I sometimes use a brush for easier application.

#3 Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #13 Orange Blurring

Bought this from Tester Korea a while back. The color I wanted originally was the #11 Juicy Pop, but it’s sold out, so I opted for the #13 Orange Blurring. The colors didn’t really pop out at first, but after waiting for a couple of minutes, you can see the gradation pretty well. Maybe #11 would show better gradation, but I really like how the white color looked on my lips.

#4 Labiotte Wine Lip Tint PK 01

This one is a little bit of a disappointment 😦 bought it because I saw it on the drama K2 and there seems to be a lot of good reviews on the internet, but after using it for a couple of times, I regret buying it. The texture is too watery (I’m not sure if a tint is supposed to be super watery like that) and the color didn’t really show unless applied a couple of times. The only good thing about this lip tint is the packaging. It’s unique and although I won’t buy the lip tint again, I might consider buying the lipsticks. Oh, and it also felt sticky, you know, like after you eat a candy bar and you licked your lips. I personally hate that kind of feeling :p

#5 Kailijumei “Red Flame”

The famous jelly lipstick. It’s the smoothest lipstick ever and it also smells pretty nice. The packaging is unique too, it’s kinda similar to the Chanel push-system. Definitely recommend this!


Chanel Cruise 2016/2017

2 months left in 2016 (where did the time go?). Soon, it’ll be Thanksgiving and before you know it, Christmas and New Year 😱 One of the things I like about the end of the year is those warm, happy feelings every time I hear the Christmas songs playing. I’m dreaming of a white ChristmasJust like the ones I used to know. And the end-of-season sale, of course! The choices are pretty limited here in Omaha, so I rarely go shopping (if ever!). Most of the time I have mom buy clothes for me (except when I went crazy and splurge on a couple of off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters the first few months). My wishlist is a mile long now, from oxford shoes to bags to lip-glosses. And to make matters worse, Chanel has just launched its Cruise 2016/2017 collection this week! The collection color palette is inspired by “the vibrant facades of Havana.” My favorite is the rainbow-colored Boy bag and the lace-ups shoes! They’re TDF! Just in time for Black Friday or early Christmas shopping.

The pink tweed Boy bag is slightly bigger than the rainbow-colored one, but small is the new black, right? The small one is also cheaper by more than a grand! 

By far, the cheapest leather goods from Chanel is the pouches! Costed as low as $675, the medium/large size fits a MacBook Air and/or iPad Pro! 

Ranging from $675 to $1400, the mules is my favorite ❤︎ you get 2 styles in 1 shoes, it’s genius! I can barely differentiate between the lace-ups and the mules in the photos. It looks identical from upfront!