In The Beginning

Before I fell in love with Céline, I had relationships with my mom’s Louis Vuitton collections. Namely the popular Neverfull bag. I wore it (almost) everyday to school, carrying so many books I was afraid the handles would fall off. But it didn’t and hopefully it won’t. I still use it sometimes, switching between the two sizes, the mid-sized Neverfull MM and the small Neverfull PM. The PM is not my favourite since it’s too small for college and too big for parties. However the MM fits perfectly for my (hectic) days. Everyday, I have to bring at least one 1-litre water bottle, my notebook and my too-big-too-full-of-crap pencil case. Sometimes I have to bring my 5-cm-thick dictionary and other heavier-than-a-rock books. So yeah, I have never been a fan of small bags.

This is the Neverfull MM bag

And ..
 This is the limited edition Cabas Ipanema bag. If I’m not mistaken, this particular bag was in Louis Vuitton 2009 Summer Beach Collection. I took this picture a couple of days ago when I didn’t have to bring so many books.

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