Reasons I Love December ..

It’s December! There’re so many reasons to be excited. Here’s why this year’s December does:

1. Winter

Even though Winter doesn’t start until December 21st, I always have this wintery feeling every time I wake up in the morning. And the smell of Christmas tree and snow and mistletoe (even though only in my mind. Cause there’re no snow and definitely no mistletoe where I live). I feel like nothing could go wrong!

2. Warm socks. Boots. Scarves and mittens ..

Christmas song. Socks hanging on the fireplace. Late night movies. Home Alone. Last minute shopping. The huzzle buzzle of December mornings. Christmas trees. Santa hats. Red and white candies.  Snowman. Christmas lights ..

3. Christmas in Disneyland
I mean, who doesn’t go to Disneyland on Christmas?
4. Christmas tree ..
and everything underneath 😉
5. Vacation
Most of the time, winter vacation always starts early. Not as long as summer but enough for one or two small trips. Going abroad or simply staying at home baking cookies and decorating a Christmas tree. It’s always always fun to be together with families.
6. End of season sale
Who doesn’t love shopping? And as the saying goes whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop.

7. Home Alone
Did I mention Home Alone already..?
8. Snow
It doesn’t snow where I live but I sometimes go to place(s) where it snows. And I never love any weather as much as when it snows.
9. Sale Cold nights and twinkling stars
The stars are prettiest when it’s winter.
“It’s cold and it’s winter and the world has gone to sleep” 


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