The Journey is the Reward

Happy new year, good people of earth! In the first post of year 2014, I will be recapping my last year Korea-Japan trip. Me, my mom and my brother went on a 11 days 9 nights tour to Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo. We ate spicy Korean food and flavourful sushi, learned new languages and cultures, and of course, shopping! Shopping at crowded Dongdaemun market, filled with bright lighted building Shinsaibashi and the infamous Shinjuku were a whole new experience. Here’s a couple of photos I managed to take.


Disneyland in Seoul: Everland 🙂 we had so much fun riding the amphicar and looking at giant bears playing catch-up-the-peanuts with tourists.

“Here you leave today
and enter the world
of yesterday, tomorrow
and fantasy.”

The Christmas inspired nails I managed to do

Another one in Universal Studio Japan

Favourite drinks: caramel macchiato 

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