Another one ..

Late night snack à la Korea in Alpensia Ski Resort, Gangwon-do

A bed! 10 years ago there weren’t any modern bed available. We could only sleep “ondol” style like the picture below.

Put the mattress down and ta-daa .. make-shift bed. The floor was really warm that we felt hot even though the temperature outside was minus 10 degrees.

Seoul’s Starbucks: Hollys Coffee. This particular coffee shops were spotted in every corner of the city. 

Cooking show with music ..? Egh. That’s what I said the first time we were told we were going to watch the famous Nanta show. At 8 pm no less, I was tired and just want to lay in bed as we had to catch our flight at 4 am the next morning. I was dejected. But as soon as we took our seat we were laughing our head off! Even the rules were funny. Definitely a good way to say goodbye to Korea!

Bought this for like ¥50. It tasted good too.

Well who could say no to little (and BIG) orange boxes .. hahaha

Here’s my new in Hermès Herbag in Izmir Blue/ Malta Blue

Last day .. last impulsive shopping .. too bad I never got the chance to wear my new furry leg warmer 😦

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