Book Review

I usually buy books from TBD. TBD is a free-shipping-worldwide bookstore that sells lots of bestseller books from around the world. It has watch-people-shop feature that let you see what others from around the world bought. It recommends book(s) you might like from previous preferences and quite often, it offers 10%-15% discounts. So far I haven’t got any problem with them. Once, when I first ordered books from them, one of the books was lost and TBD refunded my money. It usually takes 2 weeks to 4 weeks for the book(s) to arrived. TBD sent the books separately, so if you bought 10 books, you will get 10 different packages. It’s a little bit annoying at first, but then after I ordered a few books from Amazon and got charged for taxes and had to picked up the quite big box from post office, I never grumble anymore.

Ordered the books around February and arrived a week ago when I was in Singapore. So happy when I got home and dad said that my books had arrived. As you can see, I bought a certain orange book. Michael Tonello’s Bringing Home the Birkin got me curious. The book was quite popular for orange  (re: Hermès) lovers.

For future reference, perhaps .. 

The hand cream I bought in Seoul. I have no idea why but I think it looks a lil’ bit like butt 😉

The famous book by Alexa Chung. I told my dad to buy me this when he was in Japan, but he told me they were sold out. I finally ordered them from TBD.

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