Mid Year Shopping

It’s my birthday soon! I’m making my birthday shopping list for my parents lol. Although many of which are only available in Paris and US or through online shopping. I love online shopping, but import taxes for luxury goods are expensive here 😦 I can only hope I can find them in Singapore as I’m going there this holiday. And I’ll buy the rest when I’m going to Europe, which’s may be next year :’)

Hermès Collier de Chien

Hermès Kelly Double Tour

Mango Poplin flared blouse

This military-style gilet will be perfect for our upcoming Safari trip.
I might not enjoy looking at the big five but I will definitely dress like a real ranger hahaha.

Mango Military-style tencel gilet

Chanel mini classic flap bag
[image courtesy of purse forum]

I need this (not blue like the picture, but maybe pink or other soft colours) in my life! Some people will never understand why I love bags so much. But it’s better than buying a value-decreasing stocks, am I not right dad? Besides the mini classic flap bag will increase in price overtime: it’s an investment!

Oh and distressed jeans are so in lately. I like this one from JBrand and Frame. No pictures though, sorry. And don’t forget to visit my instagram 🙂 there are tons of food photos 🙂 🙂
“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”


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