Happy in my heartache ..

Hello, folks! HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAY! So excited for our upcoming trips. Where are you guys going this Summer? Stay tune to see where I’m going this Summer. I will hopefully be updating daily on Instagram (@priskalie). Here’s the outfit I wore to lunch last weekend, right after I passed SOCA. Been obsessed with jumpsuit lately and finally found this one at Zara.

All photos were taken by the ever talented Kevin of Journeyman.

Still my favorite wedges. But I’m actually craving for Charlotte Olympia’s or Louboutin’s.
Haven’t found the perfect height yet. What’s your favorite shoes? Flats, boots or heels?

Between Hermès herbag and Céline trapeze,
I have been using my Céline more and more lately 
because of its colors. 
I love how the colors mix so well. So summery.

I baby my bag a lot. So when Kevin suggested that I put my bag near the water,
I almost popped my eyes out! I mean, what if, it fell into the water?!
Well it didn’t but still, I’m so not going to risk the safety of my baby again 😉

Holiday means I can paint my nails. So I make it my habit to buy new color every holiday. 
Just bought a new red color from OPI. Can’t wait to use it soon!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about my new favorite song.
It’s by Josh Groban titled Happy In My Heartache.
Heard this song yesterday when I was watching CSI,
where Mac danced with Christine at the end.

Jumpsuit: Zara | Bag: Céline
Bag charm: Hard Rock Japan 
Wedges: Tory Burch

Oh and I, I don’t take it lightly,
The trouble that I’ve gone through, to get you to know who I am
Oh and I, I can’t find a reason to be happy in my heartache,
‘Cause I should know better than that


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