Dinner at Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali

Helloo .. I’m back from our 4 days vacation in Bali! First post will be about our amazing 5-courses tasting menu dinner at Mejekawi. We originally reserved dinner at Ku De Ta, but then we arrived a bit early and got offered a table overlooking the beach at Mejekawi. Located at the second floor of Ku De Ta, Mejekawi is a tasting kitchen, offering 5 and 12-courses tasting menus. Our 5-courses began with 2 appetisers: the first one was raw fishes folded in a leaf (it surprisingly tasted okay) and pickles served with a glass of rum; the second one was on the house chawanmushi-like appetiser (tofu with tom yum broth and prawn), and then I chose the carotene gnocchi (smoked beef, mushrooms and grilled asparagus on top of cheese). Kevin and mom chose suckling pig ‘urutan’ terrine that tasted as delicious. For the main course we had Jimbaran seafood stew, the prawn was extremely delicious and cooked to perfection, the rouille (a Provençal sauce made from pounded red chillies, garlic, breadcrumbs, and other ingredients blended with stock) and clams and the coral trout .. sooo yummy. By then I was already feeling a little bit full, and I was thinking I might not be able to finish dessert! Oh how wrong I was. When they served my chocolate soufflé, all I could think of was if I died today, I would die a happy woman. The smell is so inviting and when I tasted it .. oh how I wish I could eat it every day. And at last (by this time I really couldn’t eat anymore, not even those heavenly soufflé) we were served with white wine, a lil’ bit rum and white egg. Tasted so so but I don’t like it. Not really a fan of wine/alcoholic drinks 😦

The server told us to eat it wholly with the leaf, at first I was a little bit skeptical, I mean, I’m not an adventurous eater (and never will be), but she promised us it tasted delicious with the leaf and then to eat the pickle and drank the rum next. She did not lie! It didn’t taste over the top delicious, but it tasted okay 🙂 I didn’t like the rum, though 😦

Chawanmushi-like appetiser: tofu on the bottom with prawn and tom yum broth. This is my second favourite menu that night.

Suckling pig ‘urutan’ terrine: crispy sour dough topped with what I assume suckling pig soft patty and pickles. I don’t know what is it with all the pickles in almost every dishes hahaha but the pickles were delicious.

Jimbaran seafood stew

Heaven on earth Chocolate soufflé 

The ending of our 5-courses dinner: white wine, rum and white egg

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