Review: Céline Trapeze in Tri-Color

I bought this bag a few weeks after I went back from the States. I remember clearly how I begged my dad to buy me my first designer bag. I fell in love with Céline after I start reading PurseForum and following Le 21ème (Pronounced Luh Van-Tay-Un-Eee-Em) on instagram. There are lots of super good street style photos and lots of drool-worthy designer stuffs. And then after that, I started to follow @wmag, @nytimesfashion and my recent favorite @weworewhat. I first saw Céline on PurseBlog’s The Many Bag of .. And not a few days after I bought my Céline, Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa posted on instagram the exact same bag as I bought. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. I mean I super love her style and then to have the same bag .. I can’t even express how happy I am.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Pepa

What I love about the bag is that it’s structured, I hate slouchy bag. It can be carried in 2 ways: shoulder or on the crook of your arm. The shoulder strap can be removed and transforms the bag into a more polished look, but I often use the shoulder strap as it lets me move more freely when shopping or walking. 

And what better way to accessorized it with Hermès twilly and bag charm. Nowadays, bag looks naked without bag charms or twillies. I love how the black and gray match the orange color. Although the leather is not stretch-proof, it’s quite durable. The leather is thick and has yet to show much wear. It still smells new, which is what I like in a handbag. 

Photo courtesy of Le 21ème
At the back, it has a zipped compartment that literally fits nothing. But the inside is quite spacious you won’t be needing an extra pocket outside, anyway. To be honest, it’s quite frustrating to close the bag while standing and you only have one arm free, moreover if you fit lots of stuff inside. The biggest downside of the bag for me is the orange suede. I’m super paranoid when walking in crowded area and people bumped me left and right. The suede is easily dirtied and hard to clean. I won’t suggest bringing the bag for a long airplane ride where you place your bag under the seat *gasp*

Overall this is a great bag. I love owning and carrying it, especially in the summer. I have even contemplating of buying the Phantom or Mini luggage *fingerscrossed*



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