“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” ― Orson Welles

Happy Tuesday, folks! How’s your summer? I’m moving my blog from Blogspot (though I’m not really sure about this). What do you think? Should I move? Even though I don’t know half the things here in WordPress, I like it that I can customise my blog without much difficulty. I so love designing my new blog, so many themes and fonts. So! First post will be about the delicious food we had in Bali. Read away 🙂


Our first lunch at Mulia Resort and Villas. While waiting for our room, we had late lunch at The Bar, located just below the lobby overlooking the Unity Chapel. Fried rice with chicken, prawn, egg and crackers. The most common, simple and delicious food here!


Our IRD: nasi goreng kampung and char kway teow. Love the fried rice better, served with prawns, crackers and pickles, it tastes better than any I have ever had.


Forgot what its name, scallop on top of cucumber wrapped with rice and seaweed. Had their popular mocktails, Mulia Garden, tasted like kiwi and something else.


Our favourite spot at Cascade Lounge. Same menu as The Bar so I decided to try another fusion sushi. This time unagi on top of tamago wrapped with rice and seaweed. The place was super comfy, overlooking the beach, same floor as the lobby.


Fried calamari with tomato chill dips


New hat I bought at Mulia’s shopping arcade. They only have 2 shops though, a jewellery and gifts shop. Originally I wanted the super wide brimmed hat, but then mom said the less wide brimmed is better. So I bought this perfect blue straw hat. Can’t wait till I can wear it on our Safari trip!

DSC07387 2

Cheers to my new blog 😉  Dinner at Mejekawi (will post about our 5-courses tasting menu soon!) wearing Zara jumpsuit and Kate Spade rose gold bangle.




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