Review: Louis Vuitton Artsy in Monogram

Hi, folks! How’s summer? I’m going to South Africa the day after tomorrow! Whoop whoop so excited. Travel to all 5 continents: check! 25 countries before 25: check! Going to the end of the world: check check check! Can’t even describe how happy I am. It’s winter in the South Africa, at about 6 to 20 degrees Celsius, we hopefully doesn’t have to worry about the infamous African heat. Will be posting daily, if there’s wifi, so don’t forget to check my Instagram (@priskalie and #baglovingglobetrotter). Since I have been busy packing and unpacking the past few weeks (what’s with our trip to Bali and all), on this post I will be reviewing about my new love, Louis Vuitton ‘Artsy’. 

At first I’m a wee bit hesitant to bring such a huge, and somewhat heavy, bag for our trip to Bali. I usually carried my LongChamp (our USA vacation) or my AmeriBag (South Korea-Japan vacation). They are small enough to put inside our luggage if I bought new bag (which is more often than not!) and I have both of my hands free. I almost changed to mom’s Hermès Garden Party at last minute when I thought what the hell. So I packed inside my Beats headphones, iPad mini, iPod touch and the many chargers I need and I still managed to squished in my doll. And surprisingly, it’s not that heavy! The handle is hard though so if you shouldered it for a long time it will feel somewhat tiring.

The material is scratch free and easy to wipe so I won’t have to worry about water, spilled drinks, and sands since I carried it to the beach too! The dangling charm can be used as wallet chain too. Convenient for walking in crowded area. I would definitely carried it again to our future destination! 
P.S. I won’t use it for our South Africa trip because I haven’t been in South Africa before and I didn’t want to risk being kidnapped for whatever reasons since I read some traveler tips that said not to look too conspicuous 😉

More pic from my Bali vacation

At the Unity Chapel, Mulia Resort & Villas Bali
HAPPY HOLIDAY! Don’t forget that BAGLOVINGGLOBETROTTER moves to WordPress



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