New Ins: 50 Shades of Oranges

Hello, world! I’m so sad summer holiday is almost over 😦 Just got back yesterday from our extended trip in Singapore. South Africa had been so much fun. Meeting new friends, craziest adventures I’ve never dreamed of doing and of course, shopping! This post will be about this month’s new ins. Before we flew to Johannesburg, we had an 11 hours layover at Changi, enough to do some sightseeing and a quick shopping trip to my favourite store. So happy there’re 3 Hermès store at Changi, one in every terminal. At first I intend on buying the CDC bracelet, perhaps in colour black or orange. But there weren’t any CDC left so the kind and nice SA showed me a dark blue Kelly Extreme in palladium hardware. I fell in love at first sight! Less studded than CDC, KE bracelet is more comfortable if I were to wear it everyday. Bought another Twilly too for headband (pics coming up soon). Since they didn’t have the Maxi Twilly in Kachinas, I didn’t bought it until later when we got back from South Africa. Mom got so lucky though, she got the black Kelly Double Tour in gold hardware. Super rare colour and hardware.


Been wanting the OPI travel exclusive. I didn’t get it when we flew to Bali last month. The new collection features more summer colours than the previous different-shades-of-reds collection.


You might be wondering what’s inside the long orange box at the bottom, eh? If you’re following me on Instagram (@priskalie), you might already guess what’s inside. It’s the Béarn wallet! I’m still hoping for a rose lipstick Kelly Pochette, though *lol* Maybe next time, when I get my hands on the B. Here’s more pictures 🙂









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