South Africa

As some of you might already know, South Africa was our fifth continent (the sixth will be Antarctica!) The first time we even contemplating on going to South Africa was after our US vacation. Kevin had been wanting to go since forever though. At first I vehemently object going to South Africa. I’d rather go to East Europe or Australia. I hate going somewhere hot and humid (like when we went to Vietnam 😦 the view was okay but the weather and the places we visited were unpleasant). So going to South Africa was like ten times worse than Vietnam. But, how wrong I was! First, the weather was cold (I mean cold cold, it was like 5-10 degrees, 20 at some places). Second, the view was breathtaking (imagine going to Signal Hill at night and looked down at all the lights). And last but not least, the food! South Africa is one of those fantastic culinary destinations where you can eat at high-end restaurants for less than $20. Everything’s cheap down there. Wine costs about $5-$10 (per bottle!) at the winery. Lots of sushi restaurant too (I wonder why!) There’s Indian, Chinese, African and many more to choose from. We have had our fair share of African food, especially ostrich. The first time (and last!) I eat it was accidental. I thought it was beef so I ate a little bite, thankfully our tour guide told us soon that is was ostrich! I can’t imagine if I ate all of it. I like ostrich better on my bag rather than in my stomach lol. We also went to the famous Carnivore restaurant, where they served all kind of challenging food. Crocodiles, impala, kudu, zebra etc. etc.! Ew! So glad I bought some chicken pie earlier that day. Or I would be hungry all night. Though they serve pork ribs, chicken and sausages, I’d rather not be tricked into eating something I don’t like. 


No, that’s not my dad lol. But here’s a glimpse of how they served you at the Carnivore restaurant, similar like the one at Marina Bay Sands (without the horror food, of course.)

And the photo below was taken in colourful Bo-Kaap, a Malay village in Cape Town. The guy wearing red jacket was our tour guide, Fitra! And on his right side is me, wearing my brother’s jacket and Zara poplin dress as outerwear. It wasn’t as cold as Johannesburg, here in Cape Town.


And this is me in front of a museum in Johannesburg. Just landed from a 13 hours flight from Singapore. Still wearing my plane outfit: purple leggings and sweaters. I think that’s all for today, folks! I’ll continue our adventures later this week!




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