Review: Shopbop and DHL Express

As some of you might have guessed already, online shopping is one of my favourite things to do. After class (or sometimes during class *gasp*) or in the middle of a stressful assignment. My favourite shops are Romwe (I bought my black cardigan and tights there), Asos (I bought the pink duster coat that I haven’t worn yet and plenty other stuffs) and last week, I finally bought something from Shopbop. I have read lots of horror stories regarding expensive import taxes and duties, but since I bought it on a sale, it’s a win win solution even if I have to pay 50% of the total price for duty and import taxes. The shipping is free since I spent more than $100. They shipped it via DHL express, took about 3 days to arrive. The shipping time and service are the best. They packed my order inside a white box surrounded by tissue paper.


And inside, they wrapped it with tissue paper again. Looked expensive and all hahaha. I always love it when they wrapped my purchases. The smell, the feel of those crispy white tissue paper when I unwrapped it and the joy of having a new stuff.




They even put my order inside a zipped bag with hanger.



Well here’s my order: Phillip Lim jeans and a red crop top (not photoed). Super happy it fits well even though the crop top is a tad too big (I should have ordered small instead of medium). Well, overall, it’s been the best online shopping I’ve yet experienced. Tschüss!



2 thoughts on “Review: Shopbop and DHL Express

  1. Jovana says:

    Hey, I just ordered something from this shop.Could please you tell me how much exactly did you have to pay the tax? They look amazing!!! xx


    • priskalie says:

      Hi, Jovana. Thank you for your comment. I paid around $50 (50% of the total price). I suggest you pay the import fees in advance, if it turns out exceeding the actual import fees, Shopbop will refund the difference to you. So no need to worry about expensive import fees. Xo


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