South Africa: Traveling the World One Continent at A Time

Happy midweek, everyone! I have been very happy these past few weeks looking at all the outfits from Fashion Weeks. I’m going to post soon all my favourite designers and their immaculate ready-to-wears (have you seen Tory Burch’s dresses and Phillip Lim’s crop jackets? *swoon*). But this post will be about the very late review of Sun City Resort and South Africa’s hidden gems (re: Signal Hills at night 😍).

photo 2

Magnificent, isn’t it?

First stop as mention on the post before was this museum-slash-tomb-slash-creepy building (the basement was super creepy what with all the rumours regarding the burial places and dark a lil’ bit dingy hall). The rooftop was another story though. It was a beautiful day, the sun shone brightly with wind blowing our hairs. First glimpse of how our trip would look like and how cold South Africa was! Took a couple of pictures too in the middle of the walls.




This was not the gate to Sun City. The front gate was similar to Disneyland, and then there was a vast parking spaces and then a long way to The Palace of the Lost City, where we were staying. We passed the other hotels inside Sun City before we reached TPotLC. TPotLC was located on the highest ground and it was indeed a palace. The high doors and the securities, all resembled a palace (though the doormen were super friendly). The lobby inside was so airy with high ceilings and vast sitting places. We could look downstairs to the main restaurant, Crystal Court, where we had breakfasts (and they had dinner buffet too). This was where Blended final scene took place (remember when the children went to the chocolate pool?). How cool is this place? I mean, when we decided to go to South Africa, this was not how we imagine where we would have breakfast. The menu for breakfast was Japanese (they serve sushi and oysters and soba), Chinese (porridges and noodles, I mean, when we were in China, they didn’t even have porridge for breakfast), American and of course, South African.

photo 8

This was by far the grandest hotel I’ve ever been. Even though Mulia Resort in Bali was beautiful and modern and all, the interior and pool (did I mention that they had manmade sea and beach INSIDE the resort?) were more appealing here in Sun City. Too bad it was winter and I didn’t have my swimsuit with me. I even walked on the beach wearing knee high boots and trench coat (it was that cold lol). But there were people sunbathing and swimming and making sand castle at the Valley of the Waves. This small water theme park looked like a postcard picture of tropical island. One day, I might actually going back here, maybe in the Summer.

photo 2-1

The first night, we had dinner buffet at the other hotel, Cabanas. At a restaurant named The Palm Terrace. The South African loved buffet, I guess. There’re not many restaurant here that didn’t offer buffet lunches and dinners. Even though the air was cold, we were dining under the moon and stars, accompanied by the chirping of grasshoppers (and who knew what else 😜). After dinner, we walked around a little bit, though Kevin left us and went to the Bridge of Time. Inside the Cabanas were 2 casinos. There’s a perk of being 21! Hahaha even though the rules here allowed people aged 18 and more inside the casino. I found it boring though, wasting money on machine I didn’t even know how it worked. This was a first for me. Maybe my next casino will be in Vegas? *fingerscrossed*

photo 9

The Bridge of Time

photo 1

Found this bridge when we intended to have dinner at Santorini restaurant. It was full booked though so we went to have dinner at the Tusk Bar instead. The bridge looked scary and all. Felt like we were in an Indiana Jones movie.

What’s Africa without safari though, right? Early in the morning the next day, we went for a game drive at the Pilanesberg National Park. The park was located 5 minutes away from TPotLC. Didn’t expect the park to be so magnificent. We were also very lucky that day, said Darren, our ranger. Saw the big five and other animals roaming the vast park. Hippos, giraffes, lions (though we had to see them through the binoculars since they hide behind a bush), monkeys and many more. It was the best experience of our South Africa trip. Even mom loved it! You know how we hate being outside under the glaring sun and nearby dangerous animals lol. But not here, we loved it here.

photo 1-1

photo 10

photo 12

photo 11

Here’s some pictures from Stellenbosch Winelands. The last few days in Cape Town before Singapore. The Neethlingshof farm was called De Wolvendans (The Dance of the Wolves). Had wine tasting and then lunch at this beautiful wine estate. The air was cool and there were lots of trees. They made the best chocolate cake, too! 

photo 5

The famous kilometre-long avenue of stone pines that leads to gabled homestead is the most recognisable feature of Neethlingshof Wine Estate and the central motif of their wine labels.

photo 4

Neethlingshof, Stellenbosch

From Johannesburg to Cape Town, from adventurous game drive to beautiful wine estate and from strangers to friends. Akubekuhle! (‘aako-beck-hoole’)


P.S. All photos were taken by Kevin of Journeyman


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