This week: (Zara) shopping ideas



Both from Zara; doesn’t we all need jumpsuit in basic colors? I could wear it forever! Been wearing/loving jumpsuit ever since I got the denim ones. I loved the ones with zipper on the back or on the side so it’s easier to take off.




The journey of finding the perfect leather skirt is over. How gorgeous is this skirt? I liked the flower pattern and the middle zipper. I’d definitely wear it to my next vacation *hinthint* Or maybe the white embossed-liked skirt? Either skirt goes well with the crop sweatshirt, no? This sweatshirt would definitely be on my shopping list!


This could be worn with a shirt underneath for colder months. Not the perfect little black dress but I’m loving the huge pocket (you know how lazy I am to bring bag sometimes).



More leathers and zippers. Zara always has the perfect trousers! I’d always buy one or two (or three and four ;)) from them every season. Besides, the white trousers goes perfectly well with my new Snoopy sweaters (also from Zara).

Happy shopping!

P.S. I know I am!



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