Baglovingglobetrotter: What’s In Her Bag

I spent tons of hours on PurseForum before I decided to buy a bag. Checking out members’ new bag reveals is as fun as window shopping. I love it when they did an unboxing; from the ribbon, to the dust bag, and finally revealing the bag itself. It almost feels like if were doing it myself. I owned so many bags (some of which I don’t really wear anymore and some I stashed behind closet doors that I rarely open), but I have never really done an unboxing. So on this post, I’m going to post a couple shots of my favorite bags (some of which were hand-me-down from my mom). Enjoy!


My everyday bag; fits A4 everything and my super big pencil case. Hanged on the bag are Hermès perfume lock that dad bought in Australia and my favorite Ladurée bag charm. The latest addition was the YooHoo Suricata suricatta doll I bought at a zoo in South Africa. The Hello Kitty’s bow pouch was from Universal Studio Tokyo and the alphabet charm was from Disneyland Paris.


The only bag that was bought back in Paris ahaha I wasn’t as handbag crazy as I am now. Looking back, I regretted not buying anything else (like perhaps the Maison Michel hat or Hermès CDC) ._.


This Loungefly bag was one of the very first bag that started my handbag addiction. I remembered how I beg my mom to buy me the other 7 colors (yeah, I know! 7!!) But there’s no possible way I could buy 7 of these (and crammed them inside my suitcases) and brought them back from New York lol. I got the Michael Kors’ pouch from NY too, too bad it didn’t fit much so I didn’t wear it that often.


The very first bag mom gave me to wear. Got this when I was in high school and I remembered how I wear it everywhere hahaha. I like how the bag looked vintage and all though the bag doesn’t fit more than an iPad mini and a Samsung phone. 


MNOlogie clutch: the very first stuff I bought online. Wore it twice and haven’t really got the time to wear it again. It fits my Samsung Note 3, the pouch, and basically nothing else :’)


And last but certainly not least, my forever favorite Summer bag: Céline trapeze. I didn’t wear it often when going to crowded places. I feared that the suede wing would get dirty.




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