A Letter to Polly

If yesterday pets could read my post, I’d write this ..

I was maybe 10 when we had our first dog. A 3 months old pomeranian dog named Lucky van Lambrozo. Even my name wasn’t that cool hahahaha. We called him Polly (mom’s childhood dog). I’d like to think him as a brother. Mom took care of him like she took care of us. She’d get angry when Polly licked his own poo and sometimes yelled at him. I was busy with school at that time I rarely had time with Polly. But I loved to bathed him with mom and Kevin. He’d looked up at us with his puppy eyes and whined. And sometimes I’d scooped up his dog food and fed him. Once, when we went to have him vaccinated, he pooed on the basket and produced a very disgusting smell. So I was giving him his breakfast when he suddenly stopped eating and well .. mom pulled over on the side of the road, she took him out and basically giving him evil eyes lol. It was the last time I remembered him. We only had him for less than 18 months, I think. The next couple of weeks after his vet visit, I went to the doctor because my cheeks suddenly turned very red. Well the good doctor said that I was allergic to dogs (because Polly kind of licked me on the face). So mom gave my dog to my aunt (who also had dogs) hoping that someday we’d take him back. That never happens. My aunt was travelling abroad a lot and so she sent Polly to my other uncle who lived outside town. He either had him killed or drowned in the many pool he had. This post is dedicated to Polly, my childhood best friend. May you rest in peace, buddy. We miss you.



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