Review: Céline Belt Bag in Camel

If you’re following me on Instagram (@priskalie), you’ll already know that Christmas came early for me this year. Introducing the Céline Belt Bag (first appeared in Pre-Fall 2014 collection) from Winter 2014. The bag is a hybrid between Trapeze and Luggage/Phantom. It features a single top handle with front “belt” that knots on the right and left side. The flap can be tucked in the “belt” or hooked closed (so you basically pulled the flap lightly down and hooked it to the metal closure). The interior is pretty much identical to Trapeze: it has interior zipper (that’s probably never going to be zipped off anyway) and the material inside is made of suede (similar to some of Trapeze’s wings). The base features four metal feet (which the Trapeze lacks) and it also has removable sling.




I bought the new leather trimmed color from Winter 2014 collection: Camel with Pink Lining. It was love at first sight. I chose the mini size because the larger size doesn’t come with a sling and mostly because it’s pink lol. I opted for the Belt Bag instead of the Luggage (which I have been wanting forever) because of said removable sling and I have been looking for the perfect travel bag (I can’t imagine travelling with slingless bag). And what’s a bag without twilly, right? That day, mom just bought Fendi’s By The Way bag with the matching twilly and the store got one other design so it’s meant to be when the other twilly matched my Belt Bag perfectly. Introducing Fendi’s Mostri twilly with Bag Bugs print. Too bad the Monster bag charm was sold out.


So yeah, last Friday was basically mom and I’s “manic episode” lol. Truth be told, I wasn’t planning on buying Céline Belt Bag (I only have read and saw it once on PurseBlog a couple of days before). I was only planning on buying the Monster bag charm when mom dragged me inside the Céline store after buying her BTW. I was pestering my mom to buy me the Luggage in black when the SA showed my mom the yellow Belt Bag. I tried it on, looked “ok” (yeah that was my first opinion on the Céline Belt Bag) but then the SA knew that I kept eyeing on the pink Trapeze on the store window. So she told me she’d be back and came out with the pink lining Belt Bag on her hand. I literally couldn’t take my eyes away! It was love at first sight.



No, I did not get the Karlito bag charm hahaha it’s bloody expensive. I’m on the waitlist for the Monster bag charm though 😄



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