first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS !! sorry for the super late post. classes have been keeping me busy (oh how i wish we were back in Turkey!) so here it is, baglovingglobetrotter’s first post in 2015. our 2 am flight got delayed on Sunday last week (2nd of January 2015) because of dense fog above Abu Dhabi. so late at night we hauled back our luggages and checked in to Cristal hotel beside Madinah Zayed shopping centre. it was chaotic and to be honest panicking because I had a quiz on Monday. even if we got the morning flight on Sunday, say 9 am, we would have arrived late in the evening on Monday (goodbye, quiz!) but there’s always a silver lining in every cloud, no? for the first time for the past 2 weeks, we slept through breakfast and woke up at 10! since the breakfast was long closed we decided to check out the nearest starbucks, which was located 15 minutes away from our hotel. and to my surprised, the starbucks was inside WTC mall, where the hello kitty spa’s at. no i did not go to the spa lol we weren’t sure which flight we would get (besides i’m not a spa girl) 😝. there weren’t many shops; only hm, victoria’s secret and a bunch of other local designers. back to the hotel we finally got our confirmed flight, which was the day after at 2 am again. the others decided to go shopping, so we suggested on going to the Marina mall which is a bit far (25 minutes by taxi). the Marina mall was much more bigger and got a lot more shops than WTC, too bad I didn’t get the Fendi pompom (again! *sigh*) and the Burberry pants i was looking for was not available also. got a couple of clothes tho and binged on starbucks’ sugar donuts. and instead of butter cookies latte, they had gingerbread latte, which tasted as delicious. what supposed to be a long comforting flight (we got the chance to take a shower and changed our clothes before our flight!) turned out to be another disaster. they said we cannot fly that day, even though our tickets were already confirmed! got to the airport at 9 pm and waited (not so) patiently until 3 am for our boarding pass. lots of bickering later, we secured out seat at 11 am that same day. slept at the airport (gah!) until around 6 am and then we finally passed immigration and had breakfast. the shops were certainly eyes-opener hahahaha. didn’t get anything tho, didn’t even have the urge (maybe the lack of sleep did that). only bought a bunch of chocolates. here’s the few things i bought back in Abu Dhabi during our extended vacation.


There was a Disney clothing store that sells lots of cute accessories and shirts. And of course Bath and Body Works!


New Year’s gift! Kevin bought a new watch so Dad got me one too 😍 my first Omega! I still prefer De Ville Prestige “Butterfly” edition though *smirk*


.. and the long awaited Louboutin’s nail polish ❤︎




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