Happiness in a Box

These last couple of days have been full of complete craziness. I’ve never felt more excited, scared and motivated. This year marks the final leg of my pre-clinic study. Besides tons of assignments and upcoming tests, I can’t help feeling like I’m flying on cloud nine. I’ve done so many shopping these first couple of weeks in 2015 I should be banned from entering any shops! lol

Since I haven’t copied and edited the many pictures from our last winter vacation, I’d like to introduce you my favourite plaything 😉 ARCHY said hi!


I’ve been lusting over Fendi’s so called Buggies (or Bag Bugs) since it first hit the streets. And then I saw it again and again for so many times on Instagram, magazines, stores and bloggers. I was crushed when I cannot find it anywhere last year. And the leather-faced bag bugs seemed to be sold out all the time (where did you go, Wild Jess?) So when I saw the super limited Karlito in the store, I decided to try my luck and wait listed for the leather-faced one. I got called two weeks later, too bad I didn’t like the colour (it was black kind of dark bluish colour) so halfheartedly I passed it. But luck seemed to be on my side, last week I chanced upon 2 new bag bugs from Spring 2015; the white one and the chocolate one (they still got 4 more, I think). So damn happy, and mom (finally) relented and bought me one! I chose the chocolate one because it looked more matchy matchy with my pink Céline belt bag. 




Guess what’s inside the small box! It’s a mini baguette USB ❤︎



Although I won’t be posting much outfit photos (my favourite photographer will be busy for the next couple of months *hiks*), I’ll try to post more routinely. And also, I’ve been contemplating on buying a good not-so-heavy camera for some times now. I’ll appreciate any suggestions! Have a nice January!



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