KVNY9314 2

DAY one. Straight from Atatürk airport, we went to the Asia side of İstanbul to have lunch at one of the Chinese restaurant (they don’t have Chinatown in İstanbul, so even though it looked like Chinatown, there’s also Turkish people selling carpets and sweets, and a couple of European restaurants). And then another three and a half hours to Bursa to stay for the night. Passed by the fish market along Sea of Marmara; saw the prettiest sunset on Bosphorus Bridge; and “enjoyed” our first traffic in İstanbul. Though Turkey is surrounded by 4 seas (Marmara, Aegean, Black, and Mediterranean seas), they don’t eat sushi (or raw meat, for that matter). Surprisingly, the incidence of gastric cancer in Turkey remain high.

I was wearing:

Grey sweater | Burberry trousers

Tory Burch | Fendi “By The Way”



Çıkmayan candan umit kesilmez

As long as there is life, there is hope




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