Introducing a new member of the family : @pemo_id’s little monstre ❤︎ A little bit fun fact about this cute little fella : she loves cakes!

2015-04-03 10.10.26

I super love the soft ombré-colored fur and the wearable bag-charm clasp. Often I found cute little charms that would look good on my bag but lack of wearable clasp. I actually knew this Instagram’s shop from my friend when she mentioned me a couple of days before they launched the newly anticipated bag-charm. Got a sneak-peek the day before they sell this and they offer to custom-made my little monstre ❤︎ (thank you! *kiss*) Not sure when my love for bag-charm started, but I have been collecting pins, keychains, and charms since forever. I used to have so many charms on my bag you can barely see the bag itself 😉


Cute, no? I paired it with my Fendi’s By The Way bag (and it matches my Phillip Lim bag too!)

P.S. this cute little monstre comes with a pouch and a birth certificate (you can name them whatever you like, though I haven’t named mine yet)


With my friend’s blue monstre *rawr*


Which one do you like? I’d loved to buy the pink one too!



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