22 and counting ..

Growing up I got the chances to travel the world with my globetrotting parents and brother. My dad travels often for work and when I was little, we sometimes tag along with him (since missing school days was much easier then). The first trip I had vague memories of is going to Singapore when I was maybe 3 or 4 years old. As of now, I have been to Singapore 22 times. It’s almost the same as going once a year ever since I was born. I was going to Singapore two to three times a year when in high school. And after I started college, we have been going to Singapore at least once around Easter holiday. To me, Singapore is like this not-so-far-away blissful place where you can totally skip out of country (for less than 2 hours) and breathed in freedom (literally!) Singapore used to mean shopping for us (Kevin was a total shopaholic compared to me when we were in high school). But the last couple of visits, we spent more time high-teaing in TWG (one of our must-visits) or strolling around Garden by the Bay, hopping from one exhibition to another than going shopping. We used to go to Takashimaya four to five times a day back then, completely exhausted and could barely walk by the end of the day (but we totally repeat the process the next days until it’s time for us to go home). One time we stayed there for a week, by the end of the third day, all we want was an early ticket home lol since then we never stayed more than 5 days. But don’t be fooled, even though we were dead bored, we managed to go home with 6 additional overweighted luggages (we usually came home with no more than 4 luggages), one (supposedly-overweighted) cabin, a huge box (inside was mom’s bread maker machine which she never used anyway ._.) and our overstuffed backpacks. Of course that was the first time (and hopefully) the last time we went shopping crazy. 

The first time I went to Singapore without my mom was when in junior high school. There was this exchange students program which actually consisted of one-day-visit to a local high school and 3 days of shopping hahaha. It was actually one of the best moments of my junior high school. 

Next friday will be the second time I travelled without my mom. Mom and Kevin have been travelling around India the past week and left me behind (since I totally cannot miss classes *sigh*). I was supposed to be going to Singapore last Easter holiday, but since mom’s India plan was confirmed, we decided to postponed it and have me travelled solo to meet them in Singapore. I’ll be staying at the new hotel in Orchard so I’ll post a review next week 😉 and of course lots of outfit photos! Below were the photos taken on our last Singapore vacation (after our trip to Africa) that I didn’t realised I haven’t posted yet.


Backpack from Crumpler and my at-that-time-new Kelly Extreme 🙂


In front of Abercrombie and Fitch. I absolutely love how the store smells!


KVNY7657 2

I was wearing :

White shirt (also love this, this and this)

Denim shorts (similar here and here)

Hermès twilly as headscarf

And here’s a few worth-checking clothing from Zara this month :


Long Over-Shirt


Crossover Jumpsuit


Tie-Neck Dress


Orange Long Waistcoat

Current favourite song: Maybe – Sun Ye (선예) of Wonder Girls (원더걸스)

P.S. What’s your favourite place/country/city to relax?



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