New In: Hermès Hapi 3MM in RJ GHW

Hello, good people of earth! I’m back today with another new in post. As you know, I just came back from Singapore last weekend, meeting my mom and brother who just came back from their India trip. Since I cannot come with them, I gave mom a not-so-long shopping list ❤ Even though India is not a shopping paradise, they have a couple of must-visit stores and must-buy (like weird-looking sandals and bangles). I was wanting to buy a CDC bracelet in rose gold hardware (the newest material), but they didn’t have it and the Hapi 3MM bracelet was also sold out. Another one in the shopping list was hat. I still haven’t found the perfect hat yet (I’m now thinking of just buying from Lack of Colour). The hat the store has wasn’t in the colour that I wanted (black), and it’s not as stiff as I liked. Wonder how I know it’s not as stiff as I liked? Well mom took a bunch of pictures of the stuffs I want and sent it to me via Line, and I’ll “yes” or “no” it. And they actually have a rose jaipur bracelet, but it’s not as long as the Hapi 3MM. The SA said it’d only go round twice. So I declined. The price was also a bit higher in India, as they don’t do tax refund. Too bad when they went to the Hermès store again the day after, I was on the plane to Singapore already, and mom’s flight was later that night so they didn’t stay at the store long to see if there’re any new bracelets. But instead, mom got a Picotin size 18 in Ruby Red (review is coming up next!) and coral-coloured Corfou sandals (which by the way is totally pretty!) In Singapore, it’s known already to sell luxury goods with higher price than in other part of South East Asia (z.B. Indonesia). So when mom took me to Hermès MBS store to see if the bracelets I want is available, I wasn’t planning on getting anything. Upon entering the store, I saw plenty of anything pink (bags, scarfs, bracelets). They also have quite a lot of rose gold bangles and one CDC in PHW on display. The nice SA also showed me their newest silver CDC ring with dangling charm (+/- sgd 2900) and Hermès’ newest pens collection. I ended up buying the Hapi 3MM bracelet in Rose Jaipur GHW 😍 the price was the same as the double tour one in India so I’m definitely not regretting not getting it in India.





I super like the colour rose jaipur, don’t you? ❤ Too bad they didn’t make B or K in RJ or rose lipstick anymore *sigh*



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