Review: Hermès Picotin Lock 18


Before I begin here’s a brief history of the bucket bag : shaped like a bucket with straps and a drawstring closure, the bucket bag was born way back when Vogue was still black-and-white. Louis Vuitton was the one who created the first modern version of bucket bag (now known as Noé) back in 1932. It was first used as a five-champagne carrier.  Next was 1980s’ Fendi bucket bag : remade with jewel stones and different materials. And only recently that Mansur Gavriel bucket bag becomes one of the fall’s hardest-to-get handbags. The brand was found by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, who met in 2010 and began to launch their bags in 2012.

bucket bag

“Like a sailor’s duffle-bag.” Vogue, May 1, 1943, 100.

bucket bag01

Vogue, July 15, 1942, 31.


Fendi’s coral patent leather mini bucket bag. Vogue, March 1987, 471.

The now collection of Louis Vuitton ‘Noé’ and Mansur Gavriel

louis-vuitton-petit-noé-nm-epi-icons--M40972_PM2_Front viewlouis-vuitton-noé-pm-monogram-idylle-canvas-icons--M40668_PM1_Front view_Louis Vuitton_handbag_Noe PM Monogram Idyllelouis-vuitton-noé-bb-damier-azur-canvas-icons--N41220_PM2_Front view

Petit Noé NM Epi | Noé BB Damier Azur Canvas | Noé PM Monogram Idylle



Calf Coated | Black | Canvas

84 katie-holmes-hermes-picotin

Hermès less-popular-than-Birkin bucket-bag Picotin Lock is on the rise. It’s sold out in most stores and Hermès online stores haven’t restocked it back (both US and UK store) for almost 2 weeks now. It used to be available in almost every boutique, waiting for you to pick it up. I found mom found this bag back in Mumbai. The store only had one in Ruby Red colour, since it matches my Bearn wallet, mom decided to went for it. Styled in a mixture of both bucket bag and Hermès Double Sens, the Picotin Lock is fun and fashionable looking. Although mine is size 18 (the smallest), it fits a Bearn wallet, a pack of tissue, candies, Samsung Note 3, iPod touch, and a small scarf. Worn with Twilly or naked, it’s appropriate for going to lunches, beaches and parties. The bag is made of taurillon clemence leather; durable, smooth and just a little bit slouchy. The famous Hermès lock is placed on the bottom front part of the bag (hanging on a thin leather strap), so that the bag is closed together. Sized at 7″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″, the Picotin is my current bag crush 😍 though the Picotin is only available in Palladium hardware, I think it’s also nice to wear the Picotin Lock for a night out.



picotin side

picotin down

picotin carrie

The downside is that the inside is raw leather, so it’s more prone to water stain. I use a Sanrio pouch that is almost as big, and put all my belongings inside the pouch to safeguard the inside.

What do you think? Do you prefer Hermès’ Picotin Lock or the popular Mansur Gavriel bucket bag?



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