Review: 30 cm Hermès Birkin in Rose Jaipur Epsom with Gold Hardware

Every fashion-loving being knows Hermès. Especially its hard-to-get-with-more-than-a-mile-long-waiting-list Birkin bag. Looking for a Birkin is hard, harder if you want the candy color one. So it’s really a godsend the first Birkin I got was in color I opted for. Rose Jaipur. At first I was adamant on getting a Rose Lipstick B, but it’s the previous 2013-2014 color and most likely they won’t be making a B in RL in the near future. So I was hoping for a RJ or Rouge Pivoine B.

The first time I learned about Hermès Birkin was when mom looked for her Lindy. And then I was introduced to the world of Hermès : where the bag you want is almost impossible to get. When the text came last Thursday and “Rose Jaipur” was mentioned I was like .. which one is RJ again? Then mom pointed my Hapi bracelet out. YEESSHH my dream B is one hundred steps closer. 2 weeks before my 22nd birthday I welcomed home my new baby : a B 30 in RJ Epsom with Gold Hardware. This is by far my absolute favorite bag in my collection. This bag had been my holy grail for many months, it was the bag that graced many of my shopping lists when going abroad. 

DSC03106 2

She flew with the famous SQ A380 from Mumbai to Singapore, carefully put inside her dust bag. The B 30 (albeit smaller than the 35) is the perfect travel companion : not too big, not too small. It fits an iPad (not a MacBook Air though), small makeup case, (sun)glasses case, Kelly wallet, and of course, your handphone. You can then put on top of your belongings, a scarf or a jacket. Some people use an extra shoulder strap (not Hermès issue) but I prefer to use it as it is. Though sometimes I find it annoying when I need both hands (or when I’m carrying lots of shopping bags).

To make it easier to look for something inside your B, you can opt for a bag organizer instead of a makeup case : lipgloss, mirror, oil paper in one pocket; powerbank, usb cable, pocket camera in another. And then you can put your iPad, tissue pack, and iPod in the middle, to prevent scratches from your electronic devices.


Epsom leather is stiffer and lighter than Togo or Clemence. I’m quite positive it’s easy to wipe too. Carrying it for 8 hours is easier than carrying a LV Artsy bag for 4. And protecting the handles is a must (I’m using Hermès twillies), they’re easily dirtied if you use it as an everyday bag. Adding a Hermès’ Rodeo charm or Fendi buggies is an optional (but I think they add a certain charm to your B). Bored with the classic style of twillies? No problem. Made them in bow style or mix-and-match your twillies (they don’t always have to be in the same colour!).

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.36.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.36.18 PM

[Photos courtesy of @happybaggage]

The B can be worn 2 ways ; flap tucked inside the bag or closed properly. It’s easier to tuck the flap inside (photo below).



The B 30 is 30 cm long, 22 cm high, 16 cm wide. Travel tips : if you are bringing a B on a plane, put it inside a foldable bag (LongChamp has many colours to choose from) or inside its original dustbag to protect it from unnecessary bump (or your neighbors’ food/drink spills) and when you have to put it inside the x-ray scan. Also don’t forget to bring its raincoat (and an umbrella for both of you ;))





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