Day 01 : SIN – FRA

Our 11-days trip around East Europe begins today. Our first destination? 4 hours transit in Singapore. Took a nice refreshing shower first before our 12-hours-and-40-minutes flight to Frankfurt, Germany. And of course a little bit window shopping around Terminal 2, looking for shopping inspiration and whatnot.

Travelling has always been a great part of my life. Preparing for more than a 5-hours flight time sometimes took a little more effort, I always bring with me an extra battery, USB cables, my trustworthy Beats headphones, iPod Nano for when trying to sleep, iPod Touch for when I get bored (and making blog post) and of course, facial spray. I rarely use my iPad on board, as I mostly watch what’s on the in-flight entertainment. Though I always bring my iPad with me whenever travelling abroad. My go-to bag for the past year is the small Fendi “By The Way” bag, it fits my iPad mini, iPods, phone and most importantly, my Béarn wallet. I mostly put my glasses, Beats, and extra scarf in our cabin luggage or my dad’s backpack. I don’t like wearing bulky bag, so my travel bag mostly fits only the essential (in case I got lost in New York like Kevin McCallister).

I like being on plane, the exhilarating feeling when taking off to a new destination, the can’t-wait-till-we-get-there-but-I-also-enjoy-the-flight feeling. But usually, halfway through a 12-hours flight, I got restless, especially if I haven’t got my REM sleep yet. I’d try to watch Disney movies but found it not interesting and changing channels so many time I ended up sleepy :p. The thing I hate most when flying is I always, I mean always, gets bad hair day. That’s why I hate it when we arrived in the morning, that means we have to do a city tour first, lunch, more city tour, and dinner before going to the hotel late at night. I mostly clipped my bangs or put on a headscarf, but this time, I have my new Hermès hat to hide my dishevelled hair. I bought it a few weeks ago on sale! How lucky am I, I saw this hat back in Dubai and I’m glad I decided to not get it because it’d cost me ten times the sale price.

For this trip, instead of wearing my new over-the-knee boots from Stuart Weitzman, I’ll be wearing my Disneyland Paris high tops. I’m packing most of my skirts and dresses to match the sneakers. And since the weather is neither cold nor hot, I only brought a leather jacket, in case it’s cold. 3 years ago, my family went to the West part of Europe : London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, and Swiss. It was winter, and back then, I wasn’t as fussy about my clothing as I am now. So I only brought 2 trench coat and a scarf for our 2-weeks trip. The photos we took were super unfashionable lol. But on this trip I came prepared :p

Here’s the collage I made with the newest “layout” app from Instagram : the first and third were from when I was in Bali, the second and fourth were taken in Turkey.


I’ll post lots of pictures as soon as we arrived on Instagram (@priskalie) 🙂 stay tune!



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