Tax Refund and On Board Shopping

Going back home on Monday the 27th. The traffic was slow but it only took around 20 minutes to Munich airport from Park Inn hotel. The check-in counter wasn’t opened yet so we ate breakfast at Starbucks first and looking around. There’re not many interesting stores outside of immigration though so we waited in front of the check-in counters. The tax refund procedure was a little bit time wasting. There’re 3 tax refund companies : Global Blue (the biggest one), Premiere Tax and Tax Free (the pink one). To get the custom stamp (export approval) we need to queue in the custom for about another 30 minutes after getting our boarding pass, there were a lot of tourist from China (they sure shop a lot hahahaha). And then the cash (or credit card) refund is retrieved through each company counters (the global blue counter is near the custom and the other two are located one floor below, behind Star Alliance check-in counters). It’s quite a hassle if you shop in a lot of places and get different tax refund company. For the things you bring inside the plane (or in cabin luggage), you need to get the custom stamp after immigration. Inside there’re also the Global Blue, Premier Tax and Tax Free counters where you get your cash after the custom stamp (look for “export clarification” sign). There’re Hermès, Gucci, Versace, a couple of gift-stores and cafés. Not many meal choices but before immigration there’re food stalls that sell sushi and kebab. Starbucks is also located before immigration. I suggest if you need tax refunds, better arrive early at the airport (even though you cannot get custom stamp until after you get your boarding pass and luggage tag). Most of the check-in counters open 3 hours before departure time, although if you are traveling by Lufthansa they have this whole floor for them so I assumed they open earlier than 3 hours pre-departure. And when we claimed our Global Blue tax refund, they didn’t give any cash anymore (they ran out of money :’)) so we had to do it by credit card. So even if you prefer cash refund, prepare your credit card anyway. And if you want to do last-minute shopping at the airport, shop wherever you want, before or after immigration. Because the stores inside (after immigration) are not duty free, so you still need to cashed in your tax. I know, yet another queue :’) 

The flight back home didn’t feel that long, might have something to do with the tastiest airplane meal I’ve ever had or the many new movies to choose from. The lunch menu was kani salad with smoke salmon and chicken with udon and vegetable. For the breakfast the next morning I had fried rice with pork. The fried rice tasted so-so but it’s better than the usual standard omelette and sausages. Oh, and since Singapore is celebrating their 50th anniversary, don’t forget to shop SQ’s limited edition Ang Ku Kueh Girl pouch and tote, if you’re traveling by Singapore Airlines.

pouch tote



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