The Land of Castles and Gold (re: shopping)

If you visit Middle East, you’re most likely visit its grand Mosques and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. West Europe will find you posing under Eiffel Tower and sipping tea at Ladurée after a day full of shopping at Galeries Lafayette. But if you’re in the eastern part of Europe, you will find yourself standing under the grand painted ceiling of the baroque and renaissance castles and splurge at its luxury shopping streets. You can find Paris’ Champs-Elysées in Prague’s Parizska. New York’s Fifth Avenue in Frankfurt’s Goethestraße, Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive in Vienna’s Kärntnerstraße and Copenhagen’s Strøget in Munich’s Maximilianstraße. From local markets to high end boutiques, you can find it all in East Europe. If you’re looking for Fendi go to Parizska or Maximilianstraße. Hermés and Louis Vuitton are basically everywhere (even in Salzburg, the little town where Mozart was born). Chanel is at Vienna’s Kärntnerstraße, right opposite of Louis Vuitton. 

The tax refund is around 11 to 14%, depending on stores, prices and places. For more information of how to get tax refund, read my previous post :). The price is much more lower in Europe than in Asia (duh!) even before tax refund. Here’s some of the prices and prices difference (if available) I know based on my trip from July 15th to July 28th 2015.


Europe* Asia (Indonesian Rupiah) Asia (Euro equivalent**)


€830 Rp. 15 million


Peek-a-boo (medium) (2 colors) €2200 Rp. 42 million


The Fendi prices were based on July 17th 2015 in Fendi Parizska, Prague.


Europe* Asia (Indonesian Rupiah) Asia (Euro equivalent**)

Boy bag (medium)

€3400 Rp. 69 million €4500
Ballerinas (pearl) €580 sold out

sold out

Ballerinas (classic) (2 colors) €510 Rp. 11 million


Chanel : Kärntnerstraße [July 24th 2015]


Europe* Asia (Indonesian Rupiah) Asia (Euro equivalent**)


€339 Rp. 9.1 million €600

Luggage (silver)

€519 Rp. 14.5 million


Cabin (red) €389 N/A


Cabin €369 Rp. 10 million


Rimowa : Kärntnerstraße [July 24th 2015]


Europe* Asia (Indonesian Rupiah) Asia (Euro equivalent**)

Fourbi (large)

€445 Rp. 8.5 million €580

Hava (necklace)

€500 N/A


Horn pendants (new design) €230 N/A


Hermès : Salzburg [July 25th 2015]

*Prices quoted are before tax refund

**EUR/IDR is based on Google Finance on July 30th 2015



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