Day 05 : Wroclaw

Breakfast in Czech, lunch in Germany, and dinner in Poland.

Lunch was at Genkis Khan Chinese Restaurant across Dresden Hauptbahnhof. The Chinese food here in Europe always serves soup for appetizer and orange for dessert. The ride to Wroclaw was spent watching Pitch Perfect and enjoying the view. Our hotel in Wroclaw was near station that stops train number 9 and 12. We went for a late night city tour to city centre and the canal. Few minutes after we arrived at the canal the rain started to fall! Heavily, mind you. Totally soaked. Mom only got one umbrella with her since I left mine on the bus lol. She shared hers with her friend and I rely on my hat. Took shelter beside a big museum nearby but it didn’t help much. The rain wasn’t that long but the street was flooding fast my sneakers totally got soaked too. Taxi was scarce so we braved the rain to cross the street to the bus stop. It wasn’t until another hour until we all went back to the hotel due to the traffic (there were lots of fallen tree and flood in the city). Totally unforgettable! Wroclaw is a bad idea hahahahaha 


The Zwinger is a palace in Dresden, eastern Germany, built in Rococo style and designed by court architect Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann.



At the city centre. There’re lots of free wifi area here in Europe. One of them is located here in Rynek Główny. And don’t be fool by the bright background. It was like 9 at night already. This was taken a few hours before the thunderstorm ☔️


I was wearing Zara top, skirts, Fendi “BTW” bag and Hermès hat ❤︎



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