Day 09 : Vienna

The sun was up as usual, but of course that didn’t dampen our mood. Going to the Vienna State Opera today. The day before, Tom Cruise was actually here, attending Mission Impossible : Rouge Nation premiere. Could have met him lol but of course the night before we weren’t going out to the city since we’d have lots of free time the day after. After the city tour, we went shopping at the famous Kärntnerstraße. I got my first (two first?) Chanel ballerinas and a new bag ❤︎



These shoes weren’t so comfortable the first few weeks I wore them. But it’s definitely worth breaking in! Don’t give up so soon because they have grown on me.


At night, my family went to see the Strauss & Mozart concert at the Kursalon Wien. It was good. Not amazingly good since the concert place was not that grand, but the performance was impressive! If only it was performed inside the Staatsoper 😉


I was wearing Zara dress and gilet ❤︎




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