❤ Review : Waxhaus – Waxing is Fun

Happy Weekend, good people of earth! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of September. It’s time to wake up soon, no? I have been feeling depressed these past few weeks. It might have something to do with the end of a super relaxing block and the start of a new not-so-relaxing block or perhaps it’s the pressure of deciding what major to take for my master degree next year (I’m thinking of taking global affairs, but more on that later).


Yesterday, Nataly of Imagine Madness and I were invited to Waxhaus in Plaza Semanggi. Waxhaus Reservation is a caramel based waxing parlor established first in Jakarta (they now have branches in Bali, too). This is the first time I’ve ever been to a waxing parlor. I’ve watched in too many movies how waxing can be painful (White Chicks, anyone?) But Waxhaus’ staffs were very professional. They talked to us so we weren’t so nervous and did a great job in limiting the pain. It’s also very affordable for us, college students with limited budget lol.

DSC03428 (1)


They also use natural ingredients and produces their caramel on a daily basis. There’s this mini stove that heats the caramel. I’m going to come again very soon for another treatment! I only did my leg this first time because I was afraid, to be honest. And I have very sensitive skin, so I’m afraid I’d developed unwanted allergic reaction. But none of those happened! Yes, my skin looks a little bit reddish after the waxing process, but then it’s gone in a couple of hours. The team who invited us were also very friendly and help us took lots of our pictures. Thank you, guys! We sure had lots of fun 🙂


P.S. Stay tuned for Part II !



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