❤ Review : Waxhaus – Waxing is Fun Part II

Remember last weekend when I did my first waxing? Well, the result is simply amazing! I now have super smooth legs. The night after I got my waxing, I feel a little bit paranoid because the red dots were not all gone yet, but I really shouldn’t have worried too much because the red dots were all gone the next morning! I know Waxhaus won’t disappoint me, as they only use natural ingredients and they don’t do double dipping (they prepare new caramel sticks and bowls for every customers).

Ingredients 1

Ingredients 2

The room I did my treatment in was quite spacious and comfortable! Waxhaus encouraged customers to make a Waxhaus Reservation first so they don’t have to wait too long. There were quite a lot of people when I went there on a Saturday. So make that reservation!

Ingredients 3

Where you can find a shop?

❤ waxhaus plaza semanggi – (021)29026497

❤ waxhaus kota kasablanka – (021)29488620

❤ waxhaus & feeto! sms2 – (021)29310612

❤ waxhaus & feeto! beachwalk bali – (0361)8465573

❤ waxhaus bintaro xchange – (021)29864648

❤ waxhaus dip junction bandung – (022)4241955



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