New In : Fendi Bag Bugs Slip-Ons


Happy Wednesday, folks! Today’s post will be about the newest addition in my closet: Fendi Bag Bugs slip-ons (Fendi called them the Fashion Show Sneakers). What’s better way to spend the day after night shift than shopping, right. Last Monday was my first (out of five) night shift duty. It wasn’t like what I expected (lots of spare time to watch K-dramas and sleep). Sure we had free time from 6 to 10 in the evening, but then around 11 at night we had a new patient. So I didn’t really get any sleep beside twice half an hour sleep in between cases. And there’s an emergency operation at 2 in the morning, so yeah, goodbye sleep. Didn’t really do much inside the operation room beside watching, opening a couple of sterile gloves and tieing the doctors’ operation gowns. But now I feel dead tired, I feel like I haven’t had enough sleep these past few days. The only thing that lifted my mood was a call from Fendi yesterday, informing me that my slip-ons have arrived, right after my night shift ended. Talk about mood booster. So after I went home and took a shower for the zillion times, I went to picked up the shoes ❤︎ here he is *rawr*


The slip-ons are available in calfskin and suede. There’re also many colours to choose from : black, poppy red, pink, blue in suede, and tri-colors.



Rawr 👻




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