Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

Remember this line from Pringles ads? I think this line fits me so well when it comes to luxury bags. I didn’t always like luxury bags (but I have always liked changing bags every other day), even when mom bought an LV bag twice or thrice a year when I was in high school. I often borrowed mom’s Neverfull but other than that, I thought that expensive bag was overrated. And then the era of Instagram and fashion blogs came. I knew I was forever doomed. Ever since Instagram introduced me to Vogue and WhoWhatWear, I can’t stop. I’d religiously read every WhoWhatWear articles every morning before class started, and then during lunch break, liking every street style pictures on Instagram. I even read my Teen Vogue subscription during boring classes. I think my love for luxury bags started when I bought my Tory Burch boots and bags (and sandals and pouch) back in Fifth Avenue. Not two weeks after we got home, dad surprised me with a Céline ‘Trapeze’ and matching wallet. It got worse from then, that year’s winter vacation, I bought my first Hermès bag, a Herbag in a beautiful Izmir Blue color in Incheon Airport. The Herbag wasn’t on my wish list actually, it was a love-at-first-sight kind of purchase. Early the next year, my family went to Singapore for a family wedding. I got my Phillip Lim ‘Pashli’ bag from the Hilton Hotel store (since the one in Marina Bay wasn’t open yet). And on that trip, mom also got her dream bag, a Hermès Lindy in Gold. My pursue for a pink Birkin also begin then, when I first looked at rows of beautiful looking Birkins in a Brandsfever pop-up store. Too bad back then they only had second-hand Birkins, if not, I might have gotten a Kelly back in India.

What’s your story? And what would you like to purchase next? Me? I’m still looking for the perfect Chanel Boy ❤



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