Finally, last weeekend’s Saturdate is up on the blog! It’s not easy to go hang out together on the weekend since we’re usually busy with our family and whatnots, but last Saturday marked the end of Emergency Medicine block so we have been planning for weeks to have lunch at the new restaurant in Central Park and take lots of outfit photos.


The recently opened Sunny Side Up serves omurice with various toppings, like meatballs, salmon, chicken satay (pictured above), and katsuobushi. The egg can be made well done and half done. Over all, the omurice tasted quite good and had a decent portion.


From left to right : Nana of La Lune Porte, Janet, Ranita of Journal d’un Rêveur and I ❤︎


Credit to Nana of La Lune Porte

I was wearing : Zara white gilet (similar here, another one in black) | striped bandeau | culottes (also like this and this) | Fendi “BTW” bag (love this mini version) and slip-ons 


And .. it’s sneakers/slip-ons day! Nana and Janet wore their wedge-sneakers while Ranita and I wore our slip-ons


We used Nana’s tripod and my Canon to take our photos together. We looked totally silly and crazy! But that’s what best friends are for, right? Doing the silliest, dumbest, and craziest things ❤︎

“We laugh at the dumbest jokes, put up with each others worst mood, go along with the craziest ideas, that’s what makes us the most amazing friends.”



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