SG Trip : Day 01

MERRY CHRISTMAS, WORLD! I apologize for the super late update. I got back from my impromptu trip to Singapore last week, but then I was down with food poisoning (ew). I feel better now and I’m so ready for our pseudo winter vacation the day after tomorrow.

Nataly and I went back to our high school days 7 years ago. We are medical students by day, shopaholics by night. We blog, we travel, we shop. I think we shared a lot in common. But to be honest, we rarely saw each other until a few months back when we went to fashion week together and met up here and there for a few times.

This trip marked the 7 year since we went to Singapore together in high school. It was an unforgettable trip for us. We’ve been planning on going back to Singapore since then, but we were rarely free on holiday season. So this impromptu trip was a miracle! 😀

Even though the trip was unexpected, it went really well, if I’d say so myself. Our main purpose of going to Singapore were these two :



The first day we arrived was spent going to Takashimaya for durian pancakes and Kinokuniya shopping. We didn’t do much since we arrived late in the afternoon and we were too tired from dragging our luggage that day.


zara boat neck top | zara shorts | prada bag | hermès bracelet 

“And so this is Christmas .. and what have you done?”



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