Review : Signatures Restaurant

Last review before 2016 ❤︎


Located inside Kempinski Hotel, Signatures offers various selection of European breads and pastries, Western, Indonesian, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. It is also the only restaurant I visited that has a cotton candy maker!

The restaurant can be accessed via Grand Indonesia mall from inside Central department store (there’s a small alley that connects to the hotel lobby in front of Union).

This was not my first time dining here. The first time was a few years ago and it left us a bad impression : lack of food variation, too crowded, and overall a bad dining experience. But we decided to give it a try once more. First impression was, “okay, this is not that bad.” The Japanese section, though small, is quite decent. And they served pempek, fried fish cakes with soy sauce (my personal favourite!) The restaurant was a little bit too crowded for our preferences though. There were lots of screaming babies and children. 





But nothing beats The Café or Sana Sini still. My favourite was the Indonesian section, because they had pempek and soto ayam (chicken soup with skinny rice noodles). The desserts section, despite the unlimited cotton candies, is my least favourite. Too many macarons and cupcakes, the tiramisu was too bland, and the ice cream was not to my liking. All in all, we might come back again, but it’ll definitely not be our first choice.



Weekend brunch (12:00 – 15:00) costs IDR 360.000++ including ice tea and water. For reservations, please call +62 21 2358 3898.



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