Fairmont : Peacock Lounge

Good day, people of earth! Last week, me and a couple of friends went to have the afternoon tea at Peacock Lounge in Fairmont. Presented in their handcrafted leather jewelry box, the afternoon tea consists of scones, madelines, tea sandwiches, fruit pie, and an extensive choice of chocolates and macaroons. Served with TWG tea, you could choose from 9 types of green tea, 4 rooibos tea, 5 black tea, white tea, blue tea, or the soft-and-soothing chamomile. Priced for IDR 350K and IDR 325K for the Peacock Signature and Oriental, respectively, I’d recommend the Peacock Signature. Unless you’re a lover of kue lapis and other Indonesian street foods.



The savory bites, spinach quiche and bitterballen, were nice, but I prefer the cucumber tea sandwich, which was lighter than the beef bitterballen. The fruit pie and madelines are not my favourite though :’) I’d prefer something less sweet like the panna cotta or the scones. On top of the box was a variety of chocolate and macaroon bites. By the time we reached the top, we’re quite full already. So I suggest that you do share this with more than 2 friends 👭


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