Life changing decision


Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.

2016 begins with me making a big life changing decision. I quit medical school (not a decision I took lightly, in fact, I had been thinking of quitting since the fifth semester). I finally finished my seventh semester last December and felt that this is it. Opportunity won’t come twice. I got my bachelor of medicine degree and took the path less travelled to pursue an MBA. I missed some of the deadlines for Fall admission, but found a couple of universities still admitting international students. It was quite the stress since a lot of the MBA admission requirements are 3 to 5 years working experience and a business degree. And I need to take the GMAT mid February even though I only started studying late December. Talk about insanity. But crisis averted and I’m happy to say I got a quite high score. So for now, fingers-crossed.

GMAT done, I began my enrolment in a CFA preparation program every Saturday. Even though the classes are only on Saturday, the books needed to be read for the exam are no joke. So everyday is pretty much the same as when I was in medical school studying for the semester exam. But I’m happier now, I don’t need to wake up so damn early in the morning only to be yelled at for no reason.



Does this picture remind you of something? 😉




Tackling my irrational childhood fear. Egh, not really 😅

And even though I am busy, I have more time to do what I love. Travelling. As usual, the first destination is Singapore. I went there late March with mom and Kevin to visit my newborn nephew and go visit the SEA aquarium. I was sick though, so I didn’t get to take any outfit photos (and mom forbid me from eating my favorite durian pancake *gasp*) during our five-days visit. But fret not, I’ll be travelling again this week with my mom, I hope to take many photos then. Cheers!


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