Review : 32 cm Hermès Kelly Sellier in Feu Epsom


There are plenty of reasons Hermès bags are totally worth the money, especially the famous Birkin and Kelly. Besides being the handbag holy grail, Hermès bag is an investment. As written on, a Birkin bag is “the safest and least volatile investment on the market” when compared to gold and the S&P 500. When I knew I was going to Paris, my sole shopping mission was to get a Kelly. Specifically the Sellier one. So when the SA opened the box and revealed a stiff orange Kelly, I couldn’t hide my smile. It was love at first sight. 




What I love about the Sellier is that the bag looks more expensive and dressier. Better yet, I got the epsom leather, which is less prone to scratching and will hold its shape for a really long time (even in Retourne). The orange or Feu colour is also a bonus. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Spring in Paris, the beautiful cherry blossoms, and a big orange box ❤︎ 


The downside of the bag is that it’s a little bit difficult to open the clasp with one hand. And even though I got the size 32, the bag won’t fit much, other than an iPad mini, wallet, iPhone, small pouch, and my glasses case.

So what do you think? What’s your handbag holy grail? Do you prefer a Retourne or a Sellier?



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