Bringing Home the Boy : Amsterdam


Before flying home in the afternoon, me and my mom decided to explore the city in the morning. We were planning on visiting the Anne Frank House, but unfortunately we have to buy the tickets online for morning admission. So we went to Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh instead, we only visited the museum shops though, the line was ridiculously long and we need to get back at 2. The walk from Van Gogh to Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat (or PC as Amsterdammers refer to it) took only 10 minutes. The street didn’t look that glamorous for it to be called the Rodeo Drive of Amsterdam but it was indeed full of luxurious brands : from Hermès to the Dutch local designer. It is weird though that Fendi wasn’t among them. I was curious about their Karlito StrapYou. The Hermès store wasn’t that big and the stock was basically nonexistence 😂 they had a couple of Evelyns and quite a few stocks of Carmens though. And I eyed a couple of CDCs. Across Hermès was Chanel, where I finally bought a Chanel Boy. They had a few old medium and new medium sizes in red, navy blue, and yellow. All in Chevron. Since I’m planning to use the bag for travelling, I chose the new medium size in red.

We were so in a hurry, mom and I rushed back to Dam square and had lunch at a café beside de Bijenkorf for a record time of 30 minutes. We arrived back at the hotel just in time to pack my new purchase and checked out. So I totally had no time to take pictures of the purchase 😂 I brought the box home though, so here “he” is. The only boy I need.




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