New Chapter


“.. and so she decided to start living the life she’d imagined.”

Hello, good people of earth! I am finally done with the hardest and most expensive test yet. Memorizing those turnover ratios and alternative investments hopefully paid off 😂 I’ll be going to the happiest place on earth this summer, so I hope to take a much needed break before class started this fall. Before that though, I was off to Singapore for a few days; I needed to take one more test for the MBA pre-requisite and hoped to pick up my late birthday gift (not). I seriously regret not getting the Karlito StrapYou a few weeks ago when I saw it in the store. Now it has a mile long waiting list 😭 Good news is I got a quite good score on the math placement test, though I kinda failed the trigonometry (I didn’t memorize those sin, cos, tan mnemonics) 😶 #lessonlearned : never start watching a really good tv series when you still have to study, I wasted like 4 days watching NCIS instead of brushing up my math skills.

But .. because I had to go to Singapore to take the test, I could also visit the 2 newest character cafés in Singapore : the Hello Kitty Orchid Garden and Pompompurin Café. Both are the newest “it” places for hanging out with friends and family. They are located strategically at Changi Airport and Orchard Central, respectively. Reviews for both cafés are coming up soon. Stay tuned!


Abercrombie shirt dress | Fendi slip ons | Chanel bag | Samsonite Red x Playnomore luggage



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