Los Angeles : Rodeo Drive

Sun. Cupcakes. Endless row of boutiques. Oh, LA, how I miss you! I’m settled in now in Omaha. It’s the end of the first week and I finally have time to write and post new photos! So many things happened these past few weeks I just want to go back to LA and enjoy a cup of ice cream with mom 🍦

New favorite place to hang out : Amorino. Although Amorino is more popular in Europe than in US, Amorino has a few branches here in California, scattered from Los Angeles to San Francisco and Las Vegas. And albeit popular for the long line, I visited Amorino for more than 3 times and didn’t even have to queue once. My favorites are the caramel, mango sorbet and banana flavor, it’s not overly sweet (unlike the Ben & Jerry’s I had in SF) and the price is reasonable. The Beverly Hills location is 2 minutes away from the famous cupcakes ATM, it’s the perfect location for after-shopping tea-time!

HM buttoned skirt | Zara off shoulder top | Disneyland hat | Chanel bag | Fendi slip ons



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