Chanel Cruise 2016/2017

2 months left in 2016 (where did the time go?). Soon, it’ll be Thanksgiving and before you know it, Christmas and New Year ūüėĪ One of the things I like about the end of the year is those warm, happy¬†feelings every time¬†I hear the Christmas songs playing.¬†I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.¬†Just like the ones I used to know.¬†And the end-of-season sale, of course! The choices are pretty limited here in Omaha, so I rarely go shopping (if ever!). Most of the time I have mom buy clothes for me (except when I went crazy and splurge on a couple of off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters¬†the first few months). My wishlist is a mile long now, from oxford shoes to bags to lip-glosses. And to make matters worse, Chanel has just launched its Cruise 2016/2017 collection this week!¬†The collection color palette is inspired by¬†“the vibrant facades of Havana.”¬†My favorite is the rainbow-colored Boy bag and the lace-ups shoes! They’re TDF! Just in time for Black Friday or early Christmas shopping.

The pink tweed Boy bag is slightly bigger than the rainbow-colored one, but small is the new black, right? The small one is also cheaper by more than a grand! 

By far, the cheapest leather goods from Chanel is the pouches! Costed as low as $675, the medium/large size fits a MacBook Air and/or iPad Pro! 

Ranging from $675 to $1400, the mules is my favorite ‚̧Գé you get 2 styles in 1 shoes, it’s genius! I can barely differentiate between the lace-ups and the mules in the photos. It looks identical from upfront!



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