Me, Myself and I

I want to do it all!

I want to travel the world!

I want to graduate medical school and then go study abroad!

I want to know everything, well .. not necessarily everything 🙂

I want to make my parents proud and happy!

This is me, a barely surviving medical student (not that I flunked any of my classes but sometimes my grade(s) hung by a thread), who loves to travel, read books and go on a shopping spree (my parents and brother constantly remind me of my overflowing closets and credit card bills!). I love browsing the internet (instagram, weheartit, pinterest, whowhatwear, ..) for fashion tips and ideas, super expensive bags and shoes (for birthday, christmas, valentine’s day, .. gifts) and end up with lots of unnecessary stuffs I keep buying off the internet (In my defences, it was on sale and I’m qualified for free shipping (since I usually spend more than $100 *sorrydad*)). I tried to keep it low for the time being though (I’m saving for a really expensive bag) so I will only shop when I travel abroad *fingerscrossed*. Well, no, I lied, I still shop here! Ugh, there’s this huge summer sale on Zara and I kept thinking I need this distressed denim, mine wasn’t really destructed and I wanted the one with the big rips. Then I would go to the stores, convinced and promised myself I would only buy the jeans I wanted but then .. I saw the most lovely blouse and the new arrival white coated trousers. I didn’t have white coated trousers (even though I just bought a white denim from Burberry the week before) so I compromised, I put back the distressed denim and paid for the coated trousers (and the blouse, of course!). I went back the day after and bought the distressed denim. I know! My brother keeps saying that I should go to the shrink!


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