Review : YSL, Chanel, Labiotte, Laneige, and Kailijumei

#1 Chanel Rogue Allure Ink #142 Vivant

My current favorite! Although you have to wait at least 5-10 minutes after applying before eating or drinking, the color turned really nice once dried out. Available in 8 colors, my next purchase will be the #140 Créatif.

#2 YSL Rogue Pur Couture #52

The lipstick that caused quite a stir a couple of years ago (and it still is!) (read here). The texture is too creamy in my opinion, but it’s a really pretty pink color. I sometimes use a brush for easier application.

#3 Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #13 Orange Blurring

Bought this from Tester Korea a while back. The color I wanted originally was the #11 Juicy Pop, but it’s sold out, so I opted for the #13 Orange Blurring. The colors didn’t really pop out at first, but after waiting for a couple of minutes, you can see the gradation pretty well. Maybe #11 would show better gradation, but I really like how the white color looked on my lips.

#4 Labiotte Wine Lip Tint PK 01

This one is a little bit of a disappointment 😦 bought it because I saw it on the drama K2 and there seems to be a lot of good reviews on the internet, but after using it for a couple of times, I regret buying it. The texture is too watery (I’m not sure if a tint is supposed to be super watery like that) and the color didn’t really show unless applied a couple of times. The only good thing about this lip tint is the packaging. It’s unique and although I won’t buy the lip tint again, I might consider buying the lipsticks. Oh, and it also felt sticky, you know, like after you eat a candy bar and you licked your lips. I personally hate that kind of feeling :p

#5 Kailijumei “Red Flame”

The famous jelly lipstick. It’s the smoothest lipstick ever and it also smells pretty nice. The packaging is unique too, it’s kinda similar to the Chanel push-system. Definitely recommend this!



Review : Chanel Boy in Chevron Leather

“You can always find something you want.”
― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Introducing my second (or was it third? 🙊) graduation gift : Chanel Boy in Chevron leather. Made to be worn as a shoulder or cross-body bag, he is the perfect travel companion. I got him back in Amsterdam for €4,150 before tax refund. The Chanel Boy was first introduced in Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Named after Boy Capel, Coco Chanel’s great love. The bag features a unique clasp and includes a chain and leather strap. 


Available in four sizes : the small, medium, medium plus, and large, I chose the medium plus one. He fits an iPad mini, Béarn wallet, and glasses case (or this cute silicone pouch which fits an iPod nano, earphones, and Starbucks’ mini card).





Review : 32 cm Hermès Kelly Sellier in Feu Epsom


There are plenty of reasons Hermès bags are totally worth the money, especially the famous Birkin and Kelly. Besides being the handbag holy grail, Hermès bag is an investment. As written on, a Birkin bag is “the safest and least volatile investment on the market” when compared to gold and the S&P 500. When I knew I was going to Paris, my sole shopping mission was to get a Kelly. Specifically the Sellier one. So when the SA opened the box and revealed a stiff orange Kelly, I couldn’t hide my smile. It was love at first sight. 




What I love about the Sellier is that the bag looks more expensive and dressier. Better yet, I got the epsom leather, which is less prone to scratching and will hold its shape for a really long time (even in Retourne). The orange or Feu colour is also a bonus. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Spring in Paris, the beautiful cherry blossoms, and a big orange box ❤︎ 


The downside of the bag is that it’s a little bit difficult to open the clasp with one hand. And even though I got the size 32, the bag won’t fit much, other than an iPad mini, wallet, iPhone, small pouch, and my glasses case.

So what do you think? What’s your handbag holy grail? Do you prefer a Retourne or a Sellier?


Review : Sana Sini Restaurant

Another new place to have your weekend brunch/lunch/dinner! Sana Sini (literal translations: “here and there”) is one of the many buffet restaurants in Central Jakarta. Though I can’t say for many, Sana Sini is also one of the best buffet restaurants I’ve ever been to. I have always favoured Mulia Hotel’s The Café in the past, but last Sunday mom suggested that we try another new place. Located a mere 5 minutes drive from our place and situated across Plaza Indonesia, Sana Sini will definitely be our favourite place to hang on the weekend. They served Japanese, Western, Chinese, Indonesian, and Italian. Though the desserts weren’t as extensive as The Café, they have the usual ice cream, the prettiest cookies and marshmallow complete with chocolate fondue. The sushi selection was also broader as Sana Sini served Japanese pickles, shishamo, soba, and tempura. My favourites were the jelly fish with cucumber and sushi rolls. 


We were seated nearby the window, overlooking Plaza Indonesia. The view was obstructed by the high fences, though. 




First round 😉 the salmon roll was super good!


The black plate is the jelly fish with cucumber. It tasted good when eaten together with kyurizuke






Does these cookies remind you of Christmas?







Oh, and the perks of eating here is they served free flow ice tea, juices, hot tea and water.

The price :

Breakfast (05:30 – 10:30) : Rp. 266.200 net/person

Lunch (11:30 – 15:00) : Rp. 350.000 net/person

Dinner (17:30 – 23:00) : Rp. 390.000 net/person

Sunday brunch (12:00 – 15:00) : Rp. 459.800 net/person

For more information and reservation, please call : (+62) 21 390 6444 ,or you can email them at


Review: Kelly Wallet in Ruby Red

Time to put an end to the suspense. Last week I posted already the newest member of the family (here) and now it’s time to introduce another little one. The infamous-also-hard-to-get Kelly Long Wallet in Epsom.



Measuring at 11.5 cm high and 19.7 cm long, it’s filled with 12 credit card slots and 2 compartments separated by a zipped pouch. 



The one-of-a-kind zipper.


The popular Kelly lock. Though the functionality of this wallet is not that great, it is a nice wallet, kind of like a micro Kelly bag 🙂 and although it can’t be filled to the brim, it fits more than enough.




Tied with Twilly ❤︎ you can wear it on your shoulder for a night out or groceries shopping.


Kelly Wallet and Béarn in Ruby Red Epsom leather.


Review: 30 cm Hermès Birkin in Rose Jaipur Epsom with Gold Hardware

Every fashion-loving being knows Hermès. Especially its hard-to-get-with-more-than-a-mile-long-waiting-list Birkin bag. Looking for a Birkin is hard, harder if you want the candy color one. So it’s really a godsend the first Birkin I got was in color I opted for. Rose Jaipur. At first I was adamant on getting a Rose Lipstick B, but it’s the previous 2013-2014 color and most likely they won’t be making a B in RL in the near future. So I was hoping for a RJ or Rouge Pivoine B.

The first time I learned about Hermès Birkin was when mom looked for her Lindy. And then I was introduced to the world of Hermès : where the bag you want is almost impossible to get. When the text came last Thursday and “Rose Jaipur” was mentioned I was like .. which one is RJ again? Then mom pointed my Hapi bracelet out. YEESSHH my dream B is one hundred steps closer. 2 weeks before my 22nd birthday I welcomed home my new baby : a B 30 in RJ Epsom with Gold Hardware. This is by far my absolute favorite bag in my collection. This bag had been my holy grail for many months, it was the bag that graced many of my shopping lists when going abroad. 

DSC03106 2

She flew with the famous SQ A380 from Mumbai to Singapore, carefully put inside her dust bag. The B 30 (albeit smaller than the 35) is the perfect travel companion : not too big, not too small. It fits an iPad (not a MacBook Air though), small makeup case, (sun)glasses case, Kelly wallet, and of course, your handphone. You can then put on top of your belongings, a scarf or a jacket. Some people use an extra shoulder strap (not Hermès issue) but I prefer to use it as it is. Though sometimes I find it annoying when I need both hands (or when I’m carrying lots of shopping bags).

To make it easier to look for something inside your B, you can opt for a bag organizer instead of a makeup case : lipgloss, mirror, oil paper in one pocket; powerbank, usb cable, pocket camera in another. And then you can put your iPad, tissue pack, and iPod in the middle, to prevent scratches from your electronic devices.


Epsom leather is stiffer and lighter than Togo or Clemence. I’m quite positive it’s easy to wipe too. Carrying it for 8 hours is easier than carrying a LV Artsy bag for 4. And protecting the handles is a must (I’m using Hermès twillies), they’re easily dirtied if you use it as an everyday bag. Adding a Hermès’ Rodeo charm or Fendi buggies is an optional (but I think they add a certain charm to your B). Bored with the classic style of twillies? No problem. Made them in bow style or mix-and-match your twillies (they don’t always have to be in the same colour!).

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.36.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.36.18 PM

[Photos courtesy of @happybaggage]

The B can be worn 2 ways ; flap tucked inside the bag or closed properly. It’s easier to tuck the flap inside (photo below).



The B 30 is 30 cm long, 22 cm high, 16 cm wide. Travel tips : if you are bringing a B on a plane, put it inside a foldable bag (LongChamp has many colours to choose from) or inside its original dustbag to protect it from unnecessary bump (or your neighbors’ food/drink spills) and when you have to put it inside the x-ray scan. Also don’t forget to bring its raincoat (and an umbrella for both of you ;))




Review: Hermès Picotin Lock 18


Before I begin here’s a brief history of the bucket bag : shaped like a bucket with straps and a drawstring closure, the bucket bag was born way back when Vogue was still black-and-white. Louis Vuitton was the one who created the first modern version of bucket bag (now known as Noé) back in 1932. It was first used as a five-champagne carrier.  Next was 1980s’ Fendi bucket bag : remade with jewel stones and different materials. And only recently that Mansur Gavriel bucket bag becomes one of the fall’s hardest-to-get handbags. The brand was found by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, who met in 2010 and began to launch their bags in 2012.

bucket bag

“Like a sailor’s duffle-bag.” Vogue, May 1, 1943, 100.

bucket bag01

Vogue, July 15, 1942, 31.


Fendi’s coral patent leather mini bucket bag. Vogue, March 1987, 471.

The now collection of Louis Vuitton ‘Noé’ and Mansur Gavriel

louis-vuitton-petit-noé-nm-epi-icons--M40972_PM2_Front viewlouis-vuitton-noé-pm-monogram-idylle-canvas-icons--M40668_PM1_Front view_Louis Vuitton_handbag_Noe PM Monogram Idyllelouis-vuitton-noé-bb-damier-azur-canvas-icons--N41220_PM2_Front view

Petit Noé NM Epi | Noé BB Damier Azur Canvas | Noé PM Monogram Idylle



Calf Coated | Black | Canvas

84 katie-holmes-hermes-picotin

Hermès less-popular-than-Birkin bucket-bag Picotin Lock is on the rise. It’s sold out in most stores and Hermès online stores haven’t restocked it back (both US and UK store) for almost 2 weeks now. It used to be available in almost every boutique, waiting for you to pick it up. I found mom found this bag back in Mumbai. The store only had one in Ruby Red colour, since it matches my Bearn wallet, mom decided to went for it. Styled in a mixture of both bucket bag and Hermès Double Sens, the Picotin Lock is fun and fashionable looking. Although mine is size 18 (the smallest), it fits a Bearn wallet, a pack of tissue, candies, Samsung Note 3, iPod touch, and a small scarf. Worn with Twilly or naked, it’s appropriate for going to lunches, beaches and parties. The bag is made of taurillon clemence leather; durable, smooth and just a little bit slouchy. The famous Hermès lock is placed on the bottom front part of the bag (hanging on a thin leather strap), so that the bag is closed together. Sized at 7″ x 7.5″ x 5.5″, the Picotin is my current bag crush 😍 though the Picotin is only available in Palladium hardware, I think it’s also nice to wear the Picotin Lock for a night out.



picotin side

picotin down

picotin carrie

The downside is that the inside is raw leather, so it’s more prone to water stain. I use a Sanrio pouch that is almost as big, and put all my belongings inside the pouch to safeguard the inside.

What do you think? Do you prefer Hermès’ Picotin Lock or the popular Mansur Gavriel bucket bag?


Review: Hotel Jen Orchardgateway, Singapore

Another April-weekend-getaway. If you read my previous 22 and counting.. post already, you’d know that this was my 23rd times going to Singapore. You’d think by now that I was bored already, but no, Singapore never cease to amaze me. There’s always new MRT lines, new shopping places, new food to try. So despite all the 23 times I have been there, I’ve never really quite remember the places I visited beside Orchard road. Orchard is like the paradise for shopaholic like me. From luxury boutiques to street-side flea markets, it fits all budget. So whenever we’re in Singapore, staying at Orchard is a must. Even though a couple of years back I got the privileged to stay at Marina Bay Sands, nothing beats the feeling of walking out of the lobby and faced with all the traffic and the bustle. For this latest getaway, we tried the newest hotel in Orchard, Hotel Jen. Opened only late last year, Hotel Jen is located above Orchardgateway (the mall is linked by glass tubular bridge that’s totally instagrammable). It also has an infinity pool overlooking Orchard rd. (what’s better than taking a morning dip and saw those immaculate-white-shirts men from above?) Literally 0 km from Somerset station and 5 minutes-walk to Takashimaya, it’s indeed a really nice hotel to stay at.

The hotel’s lobby is a little bit difficult to find though. If you’re traveling by MRT, follow the sign to Orchardgateway, take the escalator up twice and look for the nearest lift (it is located near the mall entrances (one from the back, one from Somerset-Orchard rd.). The hotel’s lobby is on the tenth floor. Another different lift will take you to the floors above the lobby. There’re 2 restaurants and an on-the-go shop at the tenth floor. The other lift in front of the hotel lobby will take you straight to first floor if the lift (the first one you take to the lobby) is full, or is stopping in too many floors. I suggest taking the lift in front of the lobby as it’s much faster.

The room is spacious and the ambience in nice too. We stayed at the 15th floor, there’s a vending machine and an ice maker near the lift. Upon entering the room, there’s this weird-not-really-that-unpleasant smell, I think it’s emitting from the yellow-colored pillow (that I usually don’t use anyway). And the toilet and the shower are not connecting, so it’s a little bit awkward if you’re staying with friend(s). Our room is facing SingTel building and the room has top-to-floor window, so it’s nice to hear the birds chirping in the morning while looking at the horizon. Despite the weird toilet situation, I’d definitely stay here again in the future. Too bad I didn’t try their restaurant, makan@Jen, the dinner buffet serves seafood which includes super huge lobsters, so it’s worth paying $69.00++ for the dinner buffet.  

I forgot to see the pool though, I only went to the gym on the 19th floor. The pool was booked for a party so I couldn’t see it on our last night. Next time we’re here, I’ll definitely use the pool.

277 Orchard Road, Singapore 238858 
+65 6708 8888


Review: Spectrum in Fairmont, Jakarta

The newly opened five-stars hotel in Senayan, Jakarta: Fairmont is known for its prestigious address in central business district. Located strategically beside Plaza Senayan shopping mall (and another 10-minutes drive to Senayan City shopping mall), across Senayan golf course (and a Japanese restaurant: Takumi) and Mulia Hotel, Fairmont is a sanctuary where guests can enjoy luxury at its finest. Although the lobby is airy, it is practically void of any living being (except those well-groomed pot plants). There are currently only 5 dining options: Spectrum, K22, Peacock Lounge, Mont Bar, and a poolside dining.

Last weekend I had the chance of trying out the hotel’s innovative all-day dining restaurant, Spectrum. The restaurant features a wide array of fine cuisines from across the world. My favourite was the wakame salad with tobikko* from Japanese section and soto lamongan, a traditional dishes from Indonesia (chicken broth soup with glass noodles, eggs, celeries, and crackers). There are also European (all kind of pasta with variety of sauces and toppings), Chinese (dim sum and noodle bar), Turkish dishes and desserts*. The lunch buffet on Sunday costs Rp. 333.000,00 nett. For the drink, there are 1.5-litre mineral water (Rp. 110.000,00), sodas (Rp. 40.000,00), teas, and coffees. It is advisable to make a reservation beforehand. When I was there, the tables were quite full. Well then, what are you waiting for? Make that call. Happy eating!

*for picture(s) please visit my Instagram: @priskalie ❤︎ or you can visit Journeyman‘s post for more yummy pictures 😉

Hours of operation : 06:30 – 23:00
Address : Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
Gelora Bung Karno
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Tel : + 62 21 2970 3333


Review: Fendi “By The Way” Bag in Red

Introducing the Fendi By The Way Bag; first appeared in Fall/Winter 2014. The BTW bag can be worn as a clutch, shoulder or messenger bag. It has two flatable handles and a removable sling. The iconic tag ID can be stamped with up to 3 initials. The bag has zip compartment in the middle and 2 small open pockets (can fit lipgloss, mirror, tin candies and an iPod). Sized at 6″H x 10 3/4″ W” x 9″ D for the small one, it fits surprisingly a lot. I can fit an iPad mini, Céline long wallet, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, Beats earphones, a pack of tissues and Samsung Note 3. Not to mention the exterior is waterproof. I wore it to Turkey last Christmas and it got rained a lot. It dried pretty fast and didn’t leave water stains. 


I chose the red one because it’s the colour of luck and the only one available besides the red one was the crocodile one. I don’t really fancy crocodile o.O And the red Monster twilly matched perfectly, no?


This photo was taken in Turkey. During our second day after breakfast. I wore my Kachinas maxi-twilly with my faithful Tory Burch (I’m thinking of getting Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots, what do you think? Should I opt for the lowland or highland?)


Worn as shoulder bag ..

[Zara white shirt and ripped jeans | Hermès maxi-twilly]


.. or as clutch 🙂


I sometimes like to wear it like this too ❤︎

[Burberry blazer | Zara leather pants | Hermès twilly as headscarf]


Before I adopted Archy, this little monster came home with me from Abu Dhabi 👀